Saturday, May 9, 2015

some beach

As fate would have it, I am not on a beach somewhere with a fruity drink for my time off. That being said, I'm just grateful beyond measure to be enjoying day 1 of 9 away from the sawmill. I love my work but it involves a lot of stress that I need a break from. BG surprised me yesterday with Mother's day happies that included the best candy I've ever had. Peanut butter Snickers..yo. I was out in the monsoon this morning taking care of business and stopped by the gentral' to get a card for my own mother. We have to read cards to her but boy does she love them! Of course I got drenched but who cares. Rain is good for your hair.

I guess ISIS is on vacation too or else somebody has quit showing their horrid videos on YouTube. Reduced MSM coverage of that kind of crap is what is needed to deflate their self important egos for Allah. Here's my plan: Let's get them to do something with the Koch brothers just for shits and giggles. These asshats are pouring their millions into hidden right wing groups that promote the NRA among other unworthy causes like killing the earth with carbon. Rant over.

The piles are coming together nicely here in my office overlooking the lane. As usual there are multiple projects going onto a white board for clarity. I am about the least organized person I know which is odd because my mother is just the opposite. Her record keeping is legendary as was her career as a journalist for a small town paper. She had regular columns for years and published a book with recipes from all her readers. After that she went to work as a claims adjudicator for the state unemployment office. That's the job that almost killed her and she smooth walked out when the "bitch" confronted her one last time. She had no benefits. Her monthly SS income is less than 500 bucks. Lucky for them Daddy has a nice federal retirement package.

There are so many things about my mother that I adore. Her sense of humor is wicked and she's the hostess with the mostest. Every single family occasion was orchestrated by her and she hovered around the kitchen until forced to sit and eat. She was overweight as a younger woman and I was too. Age and time have knocked the pounds off of us but she is much more stylish than I. Outfit must be cute and earrings match, no exceptions. She changes clothes all the time where I would just be hanging in my jammies. That's an old school deal where a southern lady must always be dressed for the right occasion. I didn't really ever pick that one up, if you know what I mean.
I've ordered some hooch from my brother and bought a bag of ice since we have only two pitiful dolla' store trays that are eternally empty. As a bonus I discovered that I still have a month's worth of happy pills available so that's good. I love me some four dollar drugs. Got some new glasses today also, and it's amazing how clearly you can see when they're not scratched up. I know...I'm pathetic.

I'll be pulling out my mother's trusty book to cook my grandmother's cheese grits for Mother's day brunch. Kraft doesn't even make the garlic cheese roll it calls for but it can be improvised. My favorite recipe of hers is for cut-out butter cookies which she would tediously decorate for our school parties. Superwoman,indeed. She told me the other day that the reason Daddy's back is in such bad shape is that he got kicked by a cow. As a matter of fact, so did my ex. They definitely did not like to be pregnancy checked.

Pretending to be on some beach somewhere ^j^

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