Saturday, May 30, 2015

rumbling from the river

We're already in our typical summertime thunderstorm pattern where one minute it's nice and pretty and two seconds later there's a downpour.  I saw that snake again all sprawled out on my straw bales plus witnessed two rainbows in one week so I knew tough times were coming.  Thank the lord for people who recognize when somebody's trying and work with a girl.  I have an official # now and it will be challenging but do-able.  BG has not one but two job nibbles so there's that to be thankful it's Booger night!  

Lori and I tackled the upstairs at my parents' house today and about passed out from the heat except for this one room that's cool, which used to be mine.  And then Tommy's because he was waiting for me to go to college so he could get out of his tiny alcove.  I ran across Bubba's first boot, bronzed no less.  There are about 150 ties that haven't been worn in 20 years.  There are now "piles" down there like we have on the hill.
It was something that I raced through as we picked up trash silently and took moments to stop and appreciate the history in that room like every one in the house that has been home to me for 60 years.  I can remember when there was a huge window fan as our only cooling on hot summer nights.  I crawled off the roof and jumped so I could see older boys when I was a teenager.  As a child I manned the strawberry shed with my brothers and got a bunch of money one year.  There was a white wood fence all the way across the front and I painted it one summer for pocket change while watching the hot farmers go up and down the road.  I watched my father and mother try to raise us right though we were rebels to the core and I think they did well.  My relationship with each brother/cousin/neighbor is a treasure.

Mozella and I worked together back when the sawmill had a sterilization unit for surgical stuff.  She is the elder in our little community at 90 something and asked me to come by and give her a B12 shot.  It hurt my soul to jam that big old needle into her bony arm but she took it like a trooper.  She is our mayor, by the way.  While I was there her son stopped by to borrow the water cut-off thingy.  He's the one who has to pick Daddy up off the floor now.   Me and Mozella chatted about her flowers and the upcoming July 4th reunion that is legendary.  Molly lives here now so ALL the folks will be showing up!

I have had a few proud moments in my life but for the most part humility is what I'm about.  Learning to be assertive v aggressive was a huge life lesson.  Not too long ago a friend advised me to not ever forget where I've been because history repeats itself.  Pretty smart stuff there, girl.

Peace and Grace ~

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