Saturday, May 2, 2015

into the mystic

It's a gorgeous May day with iris showing out and mowers going ninety to nothing. As I passed through south Dyersburg I noticed a brightly colored vintage car show with a nice little crowd. When I pulled onto the lane I smelled it...the spray. There is wheat everywhere and I'm upwind. This is when I want to hire Erin Brockovich and sue Monsanto. I don't blame farmers because they make more by taking the subsidies and using traditional big ag backed product. People who invest their time and money in that kind of practice are guilty as hell of poisoning the earth and many don't even know it. I'm not saying you don't need to spray for bugs and whatnot. Just don't be cavalier about the whole thing and be open to a more organic approach to growing food, not grist for fake processed shit. Free's what's up.

I had to turn the air on so I could breath but I'll be back out soon to check out what's blooming, probably with camera in hand. My poor little straw bale garden may not make it because there's not "extra" time for watering daily but that's okay. I'll just put the rosemary back in a pot and carry on. I heard the other day that our UMC is getting a new pastor which puts the senior position in the hands of somebody younger than me for a change. I like that idea. I worked this morning and it was ,as Hoss would say "not bad" and I'm still looking for a flight to Belize for week after next. Or Fiji...whichever is closer. I just managed to read about last week's trial of a young man from Lake county who is accused of murdering his grandparents. The defense has presented a whole lot of chat about other parties being involved ( all named ) which would make sense. This kid couldn't possibly overpower and mutilate two adults without help. Wonder what Nancy Grace would say? It's just a sad story, all the way around.


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