Sunday, May 3, 2015

these boots are made for walkin'

It was a good thing I wasn't real busy at the sawmill because there was all sorts of drama early on involving my parents' schedule for the morning. Everybody on board, including Lori, agreed that going down stairs to get a choir robe on and tromping back UP them and up the altar steps to sing was not a good idea. He has finally gotten stable enough to make it from point A to B with a cane and he got some new shuffle friendly shoes today so that should help. Lori talked to both of 'em yesterday and I did also last night so it was a given that there would be no church today. Ryan showed up at dusk to mow the orchard grass and he was minus the sidekick who sprayed roundup on the puppies. O.M.G. This is why I don't like the never know what's gonna get damaged when you try to apply it. I've heard that an organic alternative involves vinegar and something so I might give it a whirl (in all my spare time). Anyway, they forgot and were ready for church with no driver.

All this cleaning and sorting and packing and plan making kind of has me misty even though it's long overdue. I totally missed naked gardening day but saw a lot of cute guys in their shorts (like Jasper) taking advantage of the beautiful weather. The humidity is creeping is as it always does in May. The hottest I've ever been in my life was at a wedding on KY lake on Memorial Day weekend right before a ginormous thunderstorm. When the lights went out that night, we danced nekkid in the rain! Those pictures are long gone, BTW. Yaya saw to that. You know how some people care wear makeup and it never melts off? Well, I'm not one of them so I just pass on the whole deal. Besides I have enough skin problems. Treatment for actinic keratosis has ceased due to another unforeseen bump in the road. It's a good thing Gigi is leaving her pool because I'd sure miss being out there with her.

Her precious brother-in-law is recovering from a heart procedure with another one planned after he mends. My buddy Tim's dad is hospitalized two weeks post-op because of a chemical mixup in his old body and it's all just kind of scary. That's why it infuriates me so to see idiots and drug seekers clogging up the halls of healthcare and wasting money that could be used to cure. If you honestly think corporate America is gonna' pick up the dime on your repeated abuse of the system, refer to TNCare fraud and see how they're cracking down. The answer is not to deprive the worthy of benefits or waste money on stupid crap like drug testing recipients. What needs to happen is a massive crackdown on the plethora of pain clinics that have taken over the world, but particularly Florida. They are a legal way of keeping addicts on opiates for life. Ditto for the ones who pop open a fancy suite of offices and give the drug seekers what they want because they get paid by the government. All the DEA agents in the world can't fix that...only Congress can. Let people grow their own and at least there are no Mexicans or guns smuggled in the process.

The classic Southern front page good old boy picture is of the local cops pulling up huge ass pot plants from a river bank. They then arrest the growers and throw them in a (privatized) prison for growing an ancient medicinal herb. I'm over all the pissedoffedness that I've carried over the years about it. People will think and do what they want and I do believe that America has taken a much closer look at the militarization of law enforcement, whether or not race is involved, thanks to the unrest of our last year. When a city begs to get off curfew, it's time to lighten up.

Nothing else new. We'll keep you posted as usual ^j^

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