Friday, May 1, 2015

the cobbler's son

That's what I feel like today. I've spent almost 40 years in healthcare and watched it go from something where people will help a girl out or be all stuck on themselves with an attitude. I have a skin infection that was more than likely acquired because of my job yet when I asked for help in changing meds because of sensitivity results I was tossed aside by ummm let's call her Nursezilla. Sweet little doc was tending to the usuals plus another sick co-worker and Brandy was just as cute and sweet as always. It's really wild to see the dynamics change as shifts do. Anyway, after I was dismissed by NZ I called another practitioner and then another one called me back so maybe I won't die of bacteremia before I get the correct pill. I'm thinking it would be a horrible way to go, if you know what I mean.

So BG had to make a run to the grands and see what the non-working phone was about. As it turns out it was just a case of ringer off which she can't see. A Memaw butt dial will do that everytime. The guy from corporate called me by mistake this morning looking for my brother who was nowhere in my radar so it was short. I love my work peeps and we're all kind of under the weather being old and all so I just ask that we have your prayers and good wishes because it's a big job to take care of humans from birth to death if you really have a heart. I used to not understand mission trips to places where it was like "really? that's gonna help????" That is where the medical part of the whole deal plays in. It is my honest opinion that if churches put more money into social and health related programs like nutrition and whatnot, benefits in preventive care would be enormous. We cannot continue to poison the earth and expect it not to die on us.

I miss the puppies but we're all connected digitally so I'll settle for that. Chester's dad is back at the sawmill I think. All I know is that I'm there about every day until my vacation starts. For 9 straight, kids. Anybody want to fly me to Destin Belize?

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