Thursday, May 14, 2015

forced organization

Every time my life gets in this kind of mess I say "never again" yet I go right back out and procrastinate until the whole thing is unmanageable. Not this time peeps. I have some dear friends who are struggling with life and death issues and mine is only money. You can't take it with you. I think I've been so overwhelmed with other people's drama for the past few years that I just gave up on trying to make sense of the whole thing. Here's the thing about that sure does feel good to have it off your back. I have at least two of everything you can think of in this house and couldn't find just one to save my life. I was a borderline hoarder but the piles are so attractive I've just about kicked that chore to the curb.

Today is hair day and we were going to multitask and do chest x-ray too but it looks like rain so hair only. Bubba delivers and I pick up since Tippi is away dog sitting. I think the initiative to get my house organized comes partly from knowing there's a whole 'nother one to go through bit by bit. My mother is a historian like you would NOT believe. I guess it's what got her in the newspaper business. Corporate has asked for me to get some through the years pics together for display and I'm working on that this week. I took some good ones, even before the badass Leica. Twice I got a Kodak from work for a service award. I wore both of them smooth out.

Usually I have music blaring when I'm doing this but today it's quiet except for the hum of my ancient Dell trying to hold on until (a) i make my fortune or (b) find Sugardaddy. We shall see.


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