Monday, February 23, 2015

who am i ?

I'm not a Christian music purist by any means but Casting Crowns haunting ballad always makes me feel humble and safe. If only we could all just stay in that mindset, you know? Another of my favorites is All is Well by Michael W. My UMC raising didn't have a whole lot of contemporary in the mix. We sang hymns (in order, of course) with a piano and or organ but preferably both. There was always a choir directed by some musical genius who felt that God called him or her to draw a salary for talent sharing. The senior pastor made around 90K and the associate half that. The youth program was just parents until we hired our very first director at about 25K. This was the kid who took me and BG home one day after church because I locked my keys in the car.'s what you do for the brethren. He later became another minister at another church and has ended up for the time being in Tipton County with beautiful kids and a great message. It's an unbroken circle, I'm telling you! My heroes of spirituality run the gamut from Larry Tubb to Susan Sharpe with a lot of others woven in-between the years and conferences. My dear friend the Little General converted switched to the UMC as her home away from Quaker home. That's just 15 miles down the road, due south.

One of the biggest problems I have had with the church proper is their refusal to recognize gay marriage or even entertain the thought of being a bit more tolerant. I can still remember the news clips from all those gays jumping off the pews at the big general conference. Jesus wouldn't like that...not one bit. To me church is worship...a living breathing conscious effort to do the next right thing rather than putting self first. It is only through giving that we receive, and all that. It's kind of sad how so much of our government in caught up in the money and who can have a nicer house in the Hamptons when the whole damn thing is gonna' wash away to England. Or Cuba, by gawd.

Every soul deserves a hug no matter what, no matter when with no strings attached. At this point in time it's absolutely vital for survival since GLOBAL WARMING IS A HOAX!!!! I've noticed a marked absence of ISIS videos which can only mean that Obama's done something right for a change. For all of you folks who are not sure that the GOP has a viable candidate, just look at how their long list has been shortened already. Sorry Jeb...keep the faith ^Y^

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