Friday, February 13, 2015

preparing to live

When I became single again I did all the usual stupid shit like looking for men in the wrong places and for definitely the wrong reasons. I didn't realize that I had never been just "me" and not somebody's employee or daughter or wife. I reconnected with childhood friends and made new ones in the unlikeliest of places, always with one eye open for "the one." I've had several "ones" and not many of them are still friends except for the ones whose wives know me and realize I'm harmless because I hate drama. Prince Fred was my first experience with Nigerian con when he attempted to use me as a middle man for tax free purchasing. The UPS guys in Covington said he was selling BIBLES to the people there! At that point in time I was struggling to find something that I longed for but just wasn't sure about what it was. I spent a lot of time at one particular place during those days because nobody likes to drink alone and there's always somebody there that knows your name. My brother entered into a partnership that included a to-die-for venue live music wise and I made every step he did because I'm an aging groupie and love a good live show. I promoted the thing for him and saw it go from an establishment with potential to a BK burden for only him. Soon, he'll be out from under that and able to quit one of his jobs. He doesn't understand me and my scatter brained ways which are part girl and part tired as hell but he works with me and for that? I am grateful.

I just cussed the damned water tank while trying to get the Dolla' Gentral hose off so the mofo won't freeze . Daddy used to cover the edges with dirt but I'm a little late for that. North winds are scheduled to barrel down around lunch tomorrow and church on Sunday is a no-go even though Mama would really like to see everybody. There are not enough clothes in that house to bundle her up in plus I'd like to sleep in. Maybe around Easter, and then lunch at my house. I haven't given anything up for Lent except being negative.


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