Tuesday, February 24, 2015

small victories

As it stands, my daddy has an appointment with a second opinion as to his mental health this week. We shall see if the universe intends for him to have more OCD medication or for my mama to just continue to wither on the vine down there. He's a very obedient type when it comes to doctors. Jimmy Noonan put him on a low triglyceride diet when he was fifty something so he went to yogurt instead of ice cream for dessert. He's still 82 and healthy as a horse except for the occasional running Stafford fit and that pesky remote habit. Mom, on the other hand, is about blind and has her wheely-whirly moments but lord, who wouldn't with all that micromanaging drama 24/7. I can barely take it 8 hours a day!

So it's still cold and there's a lot of ice everywhere and that can of fix-a-flat has come in quite handy this past week what with me getting to work and able to hunt and gather food at the various stores that are nearby like the Dollar Gentral. Plus! There's this. The big house down the road has been redone and looks like a million bucks only there's no toilet yet so you have to pee in the slough out back. I have been blessed with the wood that is left over from some mighty fine craftsmanship and it will go to good use preserving the history of Pecan Lane. I'm sure that somewhere down the road there will be a museum.

I read somewhere that IS (short for ISIS) has kidnapped a whole bunch of folks again which just really sucks but what do you do? If you're a proud 'merkan you don't sacrifice your youth to a war that has always been thus and so. I'm so mad at the conservatives about the immigration/HS deal I could spit but in the end? It will be what it is. Let's just put everybody in a camp like we did in the 40's umkay? That way it'll be OBAMA's fault. I daresay middle ground is looking better all the time, with transparency of course. Homeland Security funding is being held hostage by the GOP Boehner and McConnell.

Let us pray ^j^

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