Wednesday, February 4, 2015

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I'm sittin' here on the eve of our best chance for snow this season which I must say makes me nervous because Feb and March last year were a nightmare. If all goes well there will be an inch or so which should make for some nice shots to put in my portfolio. Maybe after I'm gone BG can auction them them off to pay for my funeral! It's all just an exercise in fun for me but I wouldn't mind a little extra income. Tommy told me once that it boggled his mind to think of the number of his images floating around on the innerwebs being used for Lord knows what. Speaking of which, Lent is coming so y'all better get out there and raise some hell prior to the giving up of something wicked. And eat a king cake sans baby because that's kinda' creepy. Enough about all that partying. I think I know where I can get ashed and I will wear it with humility.

The sheer JPEG volume that is pictures I have taken with the badass camera is something to behold, not to mention all the times it went away and came back to photograph once again. I'm slowing weeding through the ones that look like somebody was a little tipsy and thought the cat was cute, and there's a bunch. Much of my time with Babyman has been spent posing and playing attempting to capture something digitally that I'm seeing right in front of my eyes WITH human emotion as a value added. He will be two in a month and there will be a party I'm sure where he will be the shining star! Since the feds paid me back maybe I can afford a present this year. I'm headed to a barrier island and watching Magic Mike Redux if it kills me.We were unpacking stuff at work today and I wanted with all my heart to save that paper to wrap up items for Etsy but honestly it was just a bit much past what I could muster at the moment. You see the cheap ass used tire we bought for the Cadi last week went flat at the BBQ pit so there you go...another kink in today's plans to get home and start a day off in style. I guarantee you I'll be out cold by 8. And keeping the faith, as usual. I'm already jonesing to get the straw bale garden going. While we were having a chat at the round table this afternoon Lauren asked me if it hurt them to get wet. Obviously, she is her grandmother's granddaughter and that's all good. When I think of where we were one year ago, all I can do is thank Big Ernie and sweet baby Jeebus.

Peace ^j^

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