Sunday, February 22, 2015

fast forward

One week ago today Daddy and I were sitting at eggs and doughnuts listening to the weather forecast that turned out to something that's still on my lane. I had already fixed the flat tire and was waiting to hear from heat and plumber. BG and Boogs had bundled up and run for the hills a warm place. Early this morning I got a text from a co-worker who thought I was expecting him saying that he got stuck in front of his house...get there when I can. I barely remember the ding from that one so when he sent another saying he was on his way I figured I better let the sawmill know he wasn't in a ditch somewhere. I slept for 14 hours last night and feel kinda' sorta' human again. The sheer amount of energy involved in navigating a storm wears a body out in more ways than one. Somehow I managed to keep from falling on the ice all week, always mindful of that torn subscapularis that hurt like a mofo. Poor Lori has been laid up sick all week with two kids and stuck in the country. She came to stay with Mama this morning and promptly fell on her ass on the ice throwing tea every which a way.

When the thaw/monsoon started yesterday all kinds of ice chunks started flying and a lot of them went into drains causing a huge flooding problem for many local businesses. My lane is still covered in ice and will remain that way because it's now cold again. *sigh* Next weekend marks the first of March which is normally when we see green around here. I'm not counting on it this year either because hey...I'm a realist. My straw bales are sitting there all snow covered just dreaming about being home to big huge tomato plants. It will happen, it's just a matter of when.

Since I've slept all weekend there's been no TV except for SNL's 40th again which I loved. I'm glad we have it recorded so that when they cut me off again I'll have something to watch besides Ridiculousness. I'm hearing that Fleetwood Mac is about to start their final tour which makes me feel both really OLD and really grateful that I've been privy to their kind of musical genius. I have never seen them live, but have seen a lot of others over he years beginning with Led Zeppelin at the Coliseum when I was about 14. My poor mother carted us all the way to Memphis and I stepped out of my shoes on the way from the vehicle. Yes, a true rebel. As an adult we went to see Huey Lewis and the News and Robert Cray and I believe that was my last visit. Auditorium North Hall was where I sat in the balcony and jammed with the Allman Brothers.

I saw many others at the Coliseum including Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, Elton John, Jimi Hendrix, and some I can't remember. The venue sits empty now, thrown aside for the new and improved FedEx Forum with high dollar prices. Once upon a time there were plans for a giant pyramid arena for sports and music that sat on the banks of the Big Muddy. It went belly up prior to FedEX and just recently got unloaded by whomever held the note. Sidney had a dream, and it didn't take so it must not have been in the cards. Mud Island is also a really cool place for concerts when the weather is right meaning spring or fall. Otherwise it's hot as hell and rain or shine. I saw JT again there (in the rain) along with Hootie and the Blowfish and a couple more. The hottest new venue is Memphis Botanical Gardens which has a nice set list of performers until the August heat of Memphis sets in. The Overton Shell has been renovated and sees steady attendance. I saw Target there many moons ago.

And then there's Memphis in May. I've never been to this event but BG has and, once again, you pray for no rain at times like this. She happened to be there in the mud and lost one of her companions in the huge crowd. I remember when one of her friends' brother got lost and just climbed up on top of the car until the sun came up. They found him sometime the next day! I guess that kind of adventure just crosses generations. There's a big international BBQ cooking contest and a different country is featured for each week long festival. Beale Street still thrives, a tribute to the blues that started the career of many a Southerner, including Elvis who is STILL in the building...the Coliseum, that is.

Peace~Love~Rock Salt

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