Wednesday, February 18, 2015

cold as ice

I'm not going to complain about our one week of real winter when the entire rest of the country is suffering too. I was blessed enough to get heat and water for the duration and that's all it takes to put me in humble mode. I'm sitting here texting Lori to see if she can do a little recon down at the grands' because they've been snowed in since Monday. It's times like these when the things that we take for granted are suddenly a big deal. An old friend whose family is ill stopped by to visit today and shared that things seemed to be looking up at the sawmill which I saw as a huge booyah for the team. That's why we all strive to be the cream of the crop.

BG is now an ex-employee of the BBQ pit (and grill) so she's in high gear cleaning and doing laundry plus cooking dinner for us....the washer is spinning as we speak! Looking for a decent job in this town is like selling your soul to the devil for a paycheck so I figure she's gonna' be gone to NashVegas soon and I probably won't be far behind. Don't own? Can't defend. Middle class? Can never own. It just is what it is and it's an unfortunate truth about this particular day and time. What I see happening in this country (and others) is a worship to the golden idols of wealth with those in the upper class running their game on the rest of us via the two party system. OCCUPY was and is more than a bunch of smelly kids camping out and ruining the beauty of taxpayer funded parks. I mean good reminds me of The Truman SHOW with evil Ed Harris as director. Can nobody think for themselves anymore?

No video from ISIS is a "good thing" so there's that but it won't last. These idiots are a whole different brand of mental illness that reminds me of the Batman killer and others who have gone down in a blaze of glory (or not.) Perhaps some day mental health will be treated as the specialty that it is and not masked with drugs produced by big pharma. Everybody needs talk therapy with a trained professional at one point and to tie that to insurance and a job is shooting yourself in the foot. Trauma is the root cause of PTSD and everybody has had plenty, if you know what I mean. It is only through experiencing the past by putting it into words that we are able to let it go and move to a safer place.All in all, I have put impatience aside just as my Fairy Blogmother has done, for Lent. Now pardon me while I search for something sacred to get ashed with.

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