Thursday, February 19, 2015

lenten thoughts

Do you ever wonder what you would say if you had the chance to that person who holds your power? It doesn't really matter at this point who it is because we all answer to others for our actions. I was almost 40 years old before I accepted that I am not my mother and don't need her approval. At about that time my Daddy told me to go to hell in front of a group of friends and the break was made with him making me feel stupid. I'm far from stupid and pretty damned smart in a let's sit back and see what happens way. As a recovering co-dependent it is a daily challenge to not dive into somebody's drama and try to fix it. I found many years ago that boundaries are the only way to keep yourself healthy enough to be one bit of good to those who need you, much less find some personal joy.

There is this certain type of personality that tends to make everything about THEM no matter what the subject at hand and you know the type. Woe be unto you if that individual goes on an OCD rampage and decides that nothing is enough plus happens to be in a power position. Many parents are like that with their kids, organizing their lives with play dates and "activities" instead of just letting them play. Sadly, I was one of those parents at one time and for that I am not the least bit proud. Let's just say karma has paid me back one hundred fold in other areas of my life. Live and learn.

So here's what I would say to that person...the demander of perfection. By asking for more than what one is comfortable with and micromanaging the world, you are killing at a time. Your personal standards reflect who you are as a child of God and expecting others to conform will never happen unless a few rowdies give up their boundaries and their souls. I've done it a million times and it's no way to live. My spirit comes from a good and kind place where Big Ernie wants us to be happy. That's what the whole Jesus thing is about, right? The way I see it there's about to be a shitstorm of godly anger over the whole money and power thing that our world is struggling with currently experiencing, most especially in the US. I don't give a damn about ISIS. And thank you very much IRS for not charging interest and penalties on my audit. I love you more!

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