Monday, February 2, 2015

groundhog day

I spent it like many other, Bill Murray waking up over and over again to the same movie that is on repeat. According to the media the official dude in PA saw his shadow but there was not a shadow or ray of sunlight to be seen in the 'burg today so I'll take that as an early spring. There is the most beautiful orange sunset showing out against the pink and blue sky framed with the green of winter wheat. This place is what helps me keep sanity in a world where there usually seems to be very little normal. Of course it's gone now because it's 6PM and dark and cold again! Dammit to hell I reckon I'll just have to brew up some compost tea for that straw bale garden in the works out back. I will grow me some food this year, or die trying.

According to the "official" place my refund is somewhere on the innerwebs winging its' way to my local bank, thankyouverymuch feds. If you can finance a ten year war on terrorism you can damn well make sure the money you took out of my hard earned check is returned in a timely manner. As a side note, I noticed that there are no penalties or interest from 2012 and the pension payout for 2013 wasn't taxed either. Hmm...whom should I thank for this fortunate change in screwing the little people? I'll settle for thanking Big Ernie and leave it at that because I see pizza in our immediate future. I failed to return House of Cards to Hastings but I have card where I sold a book there so maybe that will cover the late fees.

I've been a Kathy Mattea fan for a long time and I admire her devotion to the history of West Virginia and all that entails which is pretty depressing considering the history of coal mining and poverty there. When will we ever learn that the the gifts that God gave us will be what we miss when they are gone? The modern day version of that is fracking and Canadian oil in pipes driving down the price of gas so that we can buy a bigger honkin' SUV to drive those kids to soccer practice. In the end? None of that will matter.

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