Thursday, February 5, 2015

not my circus

Well as many of you know our state senate stopped Insure TN in its' tracks yesterday in spite of a valiant effort by the governor to reign in the idiots. Yesterday is the past so I won't be fretting over it even though my job could very well be in jeopardy because of the stupidity of a bunch of Tennessee rednecks. Here's a news flash for all y'all up there in NashVegas. Voters can send you home just as quick as they got you there and many of them are looking at other options. And I'm certainly not talking about just me, you know? Everybody knows I'm a demolibtard and see healthcare, especially the preventive type, as a human right. My favorite FNP has abandoned her private practice to work for a chain type care facility where she no longer takes appointments but sees you behind the walk-ins so I'm shopping for a new one. UrgentTeam is the name, I believe. I have one day off every other week and need some refills. What is so hard about that?

That being said, I have a list a mile long of "things to do" on that one day. The sun wasn't even up when my eyes popped open, part from habit and also because I passed out at 8PM. My arm hurts again and I can probably bullet point the reasons for that but I won't whine because it doesn't become me. Neither does bitching about it. No snow here on the lane but it's mighty cold and a good day for indoor activities like cleaning up the nasty ass dining room lighting a scented candle and spraying Febreze. Gotta' research spring veggies for that straw bale dream I've invested in.

Sometime after I went to bed I heard the wind chimes going nuts and thought that it sounded a little close as in the damn dining room door blew open again. BG found it that way when she got home from work and moved some stuff up against it to keep the cold wind out. The way we ration the propane around here there's a definite priority, if you know what I mean. My landlord says they will "get to it" but so far it hasn't been anywhere near the top of the list. Most of the past two years is a blur to me because of the constant state of crisis within my family. I still can't believe that Mama broke her leg while I was two weeks post-op for the shoulder thingie. Talk about your bad luck! She was on the rehab road, so to speak, for four months after. Thank the lort' I've got friends who will help a girl out. The seriously cute mailman just went down to the end of the lane where nobody lives so maybe he's checking out the house. The dogs love him because he gives them treats. Plus he brings all my bills and puts them right there where I can find them.

Meanwhile, Rome burns ^j^

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