Wednesday, February 25, 2015

warrior style

You know when you're all sick and tired and the weather is like YUCK and gray every day? And when there's dirty snow which is nowhere near as beautiful as the fresh fallen variety? The past ten days have been spent navigating the road to work and back with little, if any, stopping on either way. It's just been too damn cold and nasty. Plus, I've been sick for a week and I'm smooth gonna' kill whatever kid gave it to me...or their mama. Or both! As a front line provider I see everything from bags of blood to snotty noses. It's what you call a "generalist" which means you're a pretty valuable player because you can multitask and all that stuff. Corporate loves it! Anyway, generalist by their multi-tasking nature don't like idle time so they specialize in something and take on responsibility. I did that with our transfusion service about 30 years ago and never looked back. Providing safe blood and blood products to patients is something that most take for granted until there's a now. Bad weather has kept people off work and at home which hurts mobile drives that feed our local supply. Icy roads? No buses running, or couriers either. We have a disaster plan with them just like with everything else that is healthcare. That mobile unit will be at the sawmill tomorrow accepting donors and giving out t-shirts so y'all come on down and help a girl out. I mean gah!

The worst thing about winter to me is the dry eyes from forced heat. I can't wait to throw open the windows try to open them with a screwdriver and hammer for the spring. It's cool enough for about six weeks with an occasional hot day, just to air the house out and let winter into the atmosphere back up to that global warming place in the ozone. I am sarcastic now about the whole thing because I can see that we're screwed when the majority of Americans and IN FACT leading countries of the world, are so enamored with wealth while people suffer and die needlessly. You have to start small and right now I'm planning a straw bale garden. It will be small but I will baby that bitch until I grow something wonderful and always be mindful of how to survive on nothing but carrots. It beats the hell out of bugs.

American Idol and Voice and all the NCIS's are all winding up and I don't even know who's on what show. That means that I miss out on a lot of conversations at work and end up scrolling through my phone or wondering what the grands are up to. Yesterday my brother and I walked the newly refinished hardwood floors at the dead end house. Each room features a different type of wood that was covered for years with carpet and vinyl thus protected well. Ten days and a reasonable price later they are to.die.for. PLUS! I get the scraps to frame with. How sweet is that? I told Bubba I'd be finding me a sugardaddy to pay for that to be mine. The sun sets over a mound in the middle of a slough that is a haven for wildlife. Two fireplaces, three bedrooms and a lot of shiny hardwood. I watched the shadows play outside the master bedroom and knew that it would be a fine place to spend your final days no matter who you are. Since the house was built in 1918ish, only very wealthy people could afford those kind of floors. And the money just trickles on down. BF flew yesterday with some gas money which is greatly appreciated around here. Of course we all know propane guy would have just put it on my tab but to have it paid for is a miracle of heavenly proportions. Her mama is sick again which always pains me because she's a bridge club buddy of my very own mama and has a spirit that won't quit. Oddly enough, her sister and husband are high school classmates.

So, it's still winter and Israel is playing Big Ike with the GOP. What else is new? Lady Gaga really can sing really well but I doubt what's his name will ever respect her as an artist. So far James Taylor and a BeeGee or two are still alive but Elvis is dead as a doornail and Paul McCartney ain't looking so good. Jon Stewart is almost gone but Larry is pretty funny and Colbert has a beard so all is not lost. If all else fails, watch Stewie and laugh. I spent the entire winter of '14 watching House of Cards and Nurse Jackie. It can be done if the spirit is willing to be out of contract.

Baby steps............

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