Thursday, February 12, 2015

damned groundhog

We gotta' blame it on somebody and Obama's got more than his share of blame so I figure it's because the hog in PA saw his shadow, which mine did not. My cocky little self said "Self...winter is almost over." The key word here is almost because it is the middle of February and there's a snow predicted just in time for my trek to the sawmill on Monday. Anybody remember what happened the last time???? As a Girl Scout I should know to prepare and this time there will be window coverings and water drippings during the deep freeze. Plus slap some cardboard on that windshield! This is one thing I took for granted when my husband did it for me and I miss it but a carport would be nice too. Anyhow, chances are good that we'll get a few inches from whatever this monster is named. But global warming is a hoax..heh.

I've withdrawn from politics for now because I'm in mourning for JonS still even though he's not gone and never will be. His comedic talents allowed three generations of Americans to believe that all isn't lost if you can just laugh at the ridiculousness of it. While we allow the MSM to fill our minds with money driven projects, including the news, we will be fed according to what they choose for programming. I'll take an indie channel any day over Days of Our Lives and golf. Or Wheel of Fortune. That's Gurney's favorite. Besides...this whole IsraelvCongressvIran thing makes me nervous. Talk about the homeland security detail from HELL!

Needless to say the sick folk who took a break for a few days are back in full force but that's okay. It's too cold to do anything other than stay inside anyway but I did manage to haul some straw yesterday afternoon. If I don't have a garden, it won't be from not trying. When the zombies come around and you're stuck, food comes in handy. I can see it now: the back to back Forked Deer river floods were a sign of the end times and I'll be stuck here on a hill right by the airport. That will guarantee my safe flight to somewhere that's full of love and peace and potential sugardaddies. That's a far cry from the time I rode through the muddy water in the bed of a county work truck with Clara at the wheel.


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