Saturday, February 28, 2015

babyman turns two!

Jordan Owens aka #babyman and Boogs will be two years old tomorrow and he celebrated today with a room full of toys, food and loved ones. He had been there about ten minutes when he ran smack into the edge of a table and got a black eye. Five minutes later he was full force again. That's the wonder of being a get back up and try again. Sometimes you learn how not to fall but usually it happens in a way you just never recognized before. With age, comes wisdom. I wasn't vertical for very long yesterday and didn't move until the alarm went off this morning for work. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine using a day off just to sleep. It seems like a waste, but then the body knows what's up. I've been fighting a cold for a couple of weeks and trying not to develop pneumonia. Cough that crap up man! I can tell that pretty soon I'll be among the vapors set. Thankfully, Money Mike sells those too, right down the street from the sawmill. I believe he got a beer license as well.

The wheels in my head are turning in such a way that I'm bound to have a stroke of genius sometime soon with my "brand" and whatnot. I was all excited about sixties next week and it won't even make 50 PLUS there's more freakin' snow behind it and 12 degrees. No comment because Mama said that thing about if you can't say something nice. She is consulting with Lori about visiting the SS dinner tomorrow after church. She has missed them and they her. Even the girls at eggs and doughnuts ask about her. Every time I drive by the home where Granny is I think about her lost up in there dreaming about happy things like parties and pianos. It is from her that I inherited my alto voice though she can go either way. We sang together many a time, with Daddy on tenor and Mama just humming along making a joyful noise.

I am quite disappointed about the state of the world right now. Global policy is being played out by the MSM like a weekly episode of some crime show or superhero war. World stability has gotten a bit more fragile and the seas are already beginning to rise a few cm. Global warming and outsourcing of labor are two of the biggest atrocities of our day. It's like "okay, we got busted in the US for doing that shit so we'll just move the whole thing to India!" Slave labor keeps the wheels turning even in the good old US. Thank you Walton's and whomever else for putting in the two bucks. Now if you'll give fulltime hours? You've got a win-win deal. Anybody who has to work more than one minimum wage job just to survive is spinning their wheels right now.

I read a strange piece today about a football player whose family was murdered by a gang member many years ago. I am very much anti-death penalty and noticed that he wasn't. His search for peace from a thug included seeing that thug die for what he did and a large part of me understands that. I'm a peaceful person by nature but if you mess with me at the wrong time I can smooth go all out crazy bitch. I try to reserve that for important things like "leave me alone" Anyway, this sheet of ice should be melted before the snow comes which could be pretty if it's all snow but if it's more ice? Somebody just shoot me.



  1. Had to search around to find it but now up to date on Pecan Lane.

  2. Love that Babyman and love watching him grow up :)