Tuesday, February 3, 2015

on the wild side

Well thank goodness flu season is taking a break and the sawmill isn't like a chinese fire drill, at least not today. Instead, the air got turned off and the big ass fans on while they did some duct sucking. It's a blessing it wasn't busy because nobody could hear a damn thing up in Chemistry! We have a new girl who caught my heart on day one and will forevermore be a hero in the world of healthcare because she's young and still has that sparkle in her eye when it comes to "helping people" and learning. I feel much better about the state of things, if you know what I mean. I did a little workplace activism today and contacted the state legislators in our area about Insure TN and how from my two perspectives, resident and employee, think it's stupid to turn away federal money for healthcare when Medicare is cutting reimbursement to the least of us. As we all know TN has a rich history with politicians who are in the bed with making sure that their business interests are taken care of. Bill Frist ring a bell? BTW dude...the Schiavo family is past all that.

I confess that I did read the headline about the Jordanian pilot being burned to death in a cage but I didn't want to watch and you can't do that at work anyway. All if took was one paragraph to make me sigh "Jesus" and turn away. On one FB page that I visit a comment drew a parallel to Nazi Germany and I truly believe that if they had their way it would be thus and so but...there's always a but. These fools are like a bad horror movie and getting a boner over all the MSM attention they get when ransom demands aren't met. Heh..like we're gonna give you money so you can extort more? They are attempting to fleece every government in the world who has civilians in their territory just doing their jobs. Allah hates your guts people. Chew on that.

The grands are maintaining and doing alright last I heard. I called Mama right before I passed out last night and she remarked that I was up late (8:30) but I assured her me and SammyD were already snuggled up for the night. It finally cleared off and I watched the stars and moon do a little dance outside my bedroom window. I rarely see sunrise except through the break room window and I miss it but the sunsets make up for it. Spring is coming, dontcha' know! I found the first crocus today, a gold patch on the south bank bed under BG's window. Lorna's iris have survived the winter and will soon be giving me something to appreciate other than purple and yellow, each variety coming from a different yard to mine. I'm still studying the straw bale situation and noticed that there are a lot of pallets in my basement which would be primo for that sort of thing. Anybody who feels like hauling them up the concrete steps to outside is welcome to holla'. I might even provide refreshments, as they say at the Sanitorium.

I feel hopeful for the first time in like...forever. There are things that have been on my back that I allowed to weigh down my energy and faith and I'm done with that. Life is short and then you die. There was this movie one time with the catchphrase "I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna' take it anymore." In a nutshell, that's what's up in my world.

How about yours?

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