Friday, February 6, 2015

fresh darn skippy

My heroine of the entire Stephanie Plum adventure is Lula, bless her heart. Well, and Grandma Mazur too. There's something about a woman whose social life revolves around visitations! Thank you Claudia for introducing me to the joy that is one next adventure in Joisey. Oh....and Vinnie. Connie. Ranger. Joe. Whoever that kid is who thinks she's a horse. Girl I work with Connie's type all day long. That was back when getting put up in style was the rage. Now everybody looks as cremation as an option because it's cheaper more pocket friendly when the whole world economy is in a tailspin and it's all Obama's fault. I guess we better start stockpiling Walton plastic bottled water and cammo and attending AFP rallies. Oh, and burn more carbon why dontcha? When that committee comprised of narrow minded old school style GOP one uppedness squashed the "notion" of allowing federal money to be used for healthcare because ten years down the road it will be on the state's back, I don't care. I could be dead by then and none of it would matter except for the cremation or whatever KayKay and I decide on. Girl's got my back.

Not sure what's up with the rest of the world other than more ISIS posturing and a very sad looking Congress. I never go out for lunch but today I was determined not to make too many stops on the way home so I took some time off the clock to pay bills which is my new mantra. Of course nobody knows that 90% of federal tax returns have been received! So far everybody is off my back until the next wave hits, and I seriously hope I'm past all that. Mom seems to be maintaining fairly well and not crying much so there's that plus blessed Lori on Sunday mornings. That's when CBS shines, you know. I caved and got a refill on my happy pill today, one that I managed quite well without for a month but I felt like I was coming unglued so it's only four bucks on the Kroger value plan. So is Synthroid, for that matter. The albuterol inhalers are about 120 bucks first of the insurance year which is kind of ironic. Supposedly the whole reason for the gigantic price increase was to "protect the ozone". Right.

One of the treasures of getting old is that you just don't care what other people think as long as you present yourself with honorable intentions and treat them as equals. I try to do that and focus my communication with eye contact and relevant topics unless I'm in a rambling mood then all bets are off. Here's hoping that my sawmill weekend plus two days is not very busy because my arm hurts like hell. "They" say it takes a year to recover.


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