Wednesday, February 11, 2015

the sky is falling

Adding insult to injury, we will soon be without Jon Stewart to make fun of the wingnuts and allow us to laugh at something as ridiculous as partisan politics. How sad is that? He has bravely and hilariously taken on both sides of the aisle for many years much to the delight of jaded folks like me. His fits of "really???" have echoed my own dismay at the state of our country and the world. Comedy Central will be empty without him, well except for all the other satirical pieces that make us laugh like Southpark and King of the Hill. Can I interest you in a career in propane???

The sun is out today and it's a bit warmer but won't last. Winter returns for Valentine's Day and my parents' 61st anniversary. Mom got me to order Daddy a new American flag (the old one looked like it had been at Iwo Jima) and a Murphy's Law desk calendar which is a tradition. We didn't order our usual Mary Engelbreit ones so I'm kind of missing that but life goes on. Budget..budget..budget! I have spent enough on her art to buy a retirement home in Fiji if I ever make it there. This past week I've been continuing the purge of old pics and whatnot, organizing as I go into folders loosely named. Then I go back and put names to them which is the fun part. Ultimately there will be a disc containing the best of my best for perusal by the local gallery owner and one for viewing at the kudzu bar reunion. I ran into TimmyD at our usual early morning spot and he said "go for it." More business for him, ya know!

Meanwhile ,back at the sawmill, we are close to being fully staffed which is something I will NEVER take for granted again. The failure of our great state government to implement InsureTN will surely have an effect on our bottom line which is a crying shame because hospitals have forever more put out gillions of dollars on charity care which is why YOUR bill, after insurance, is so high. It's all funny money and denying coverage for those who cannot afford it is just plain stupid when the #1 employer in your state is healthcare. Let's blame Blue Cross and be done with it! My employer subsidized health insurance is adequate but not good enough to keep me from paying a whole lot out of pocket. Thus, no pap smear in a long time (with a history of ASCUS) and no FNP visits. After a couple of weeks without meds my body got cleared out and I went back on 'em full force. Some things you just gotta' do. Speaking of which, y'all pray that BG finds another job because the asshats she works for are trying to kill her.

It's my day off so it's time to forget about reality and play. With faith ^j^

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