Sunday, February 8, 2015

in the desert

I often relate to all the different phases of what Jesus did like trudging through a no man's land alone and afraid and honestly just overwhelmed with the inhumanity of people. He spent his entire ministry trying to show folks how what he is about is not being the greatest and richest and most powerful but the least of these. Count your blessings. Follow the original 10 and remember them when temptation knocks. If you fall, it ain't forever...get back up and start over. Those who choose to languish in their hurt filled pasts only give more power to the evil. Move on and love life because that's why we were given it from God or Big Ernie or Buddha of whomever. Be inclusive because honestly? It's what J would do.

I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the flu and strep tunnel which means a lot less scurrying for us at the sawmill. Infectious disease wise this past month has been a bitch what with all those kids getting the measles at Disneyland. I hope somebody learned a lesson or two because if not we won't have to sorry about ISIS..we'll all be playing Hunger Games by the time they get here. There are certain rules and regs which are imperative for social order and infectious disease treatment is one of the biggest world problems at this moment. Hell, Ebola damn near put us into a tailspin. Add to that the news that Homeland Security is about to lay off about 30K due to lack of funding and we've got ourselves in a great big open border type situation. FEMA will take the brunt of it which means there won't be much flood and tornado relief coming down the mountain. You heard it here first, y'all. I try to believe in miracles but the stupid just burns.

I'm delighted to have my happy pills back after a hiatus from daily treatment which made me feel about 20 years older and unable to not be mad function in my little stress filled world. Thanks to the IRS and Patterson Brothers the Cadi is purring like a kitten. We had nothing but bread and peanut butter in the cupboard so I cruised by Kroger on the way home from work and did the deed. I'm one of those do a big swoop and get it all if I have the money kind of shoppers. That way I don't have to go back for a long time! We are building back up the staples that have been long gone during our recent "lean" times. Both of us are determined to get out of the unproductive hole we've been lounging in. Girl power...that's what's up! To quote some famous general: "I have seen the enemy and he is us." I agree with all my heart but I still keep the faith.

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