Friday, February 27, 2015

the pipeline

Once upon a time before the local Best Western closed I attended a seminar there which promised to teach me how to buy/sell/trade online. At that time EBay was the primary portal for sales whereas opportunities are springing up every which a way currently. These slick presenters followed their power point slides with a limited time reduced fee offer for them to manage your life on the internet. Now this was pre-FB, mind you and options were limited but the cash just was not there for a start-up company so here I am still trying to figure out a marketing strategy. There's the photography piece and the story telling part and the cooking and humor and everything that I play with just to feel like all is not lost to the wingnuts. I've never been really good at channeling success.

So now it seems that my blog feed is wonky because without FB (the lazy man's reader) nobody cares about what's up at Pecan Lane. I seriously figure this is where Zuck starts charging us to post dinner pictures. As for the dress, it's purple and green if you want it to be. It's a nice distraction from IS be-headings and Republican dumbassery. I'm off today and still in my jammies, not likely to change until bedtime with clean ones. It's still only in the 20s(barely) and the wind is sharp. Snow and ice patches persist almost two weeks after the latest big one. That's normal though, right? It does seem more seasonal to me than having every jonquil in the yard past bloom on March 1st. The quince that usually blooms in February is still holding tight to the buds just waiting for a few warm glorious days above freezing. The Forked Deer is flooded and frozen almost up to the bottom of our lane which will turn into a spring flood for sure when the upper Mississippi thaws. Other than that, I've got nothing. Daddy's visit to the neuro was uneventful except for the addition of 50 mg of Seroquel which should help a bit but won't be an answer to the whole situation. There's been a dirt moving machine parked across from the house for about six months that just got cranked up out of the blue. Gotta' go check that out! You never know where Sugardaddy is going to pop up.


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