Monday, May 19, 2014

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As Mondays go today was one of the worst I've had in a long time. It's a good thing I got to sleep late for two days or I would have been dead in the water. And again, I am too old for this shit. Once upon a time in a land far away I fell in love with a guy or eight while at work. It's the perfect setup for escape from reality but one that has turned into *gasp* a goldmine for personal injury lawyers like Corey B Trotz and old Johnny Cochran. Trust me ya'll...OJ did it. We were in Gulf Shores that day and watched him running from the law via live freeway cam. That he was richer than Big Ernie during the years when the NFL ran our economy is beside the point. I've never understood why people pay megabucks for a "brand" where players make a kazillion bucks for being on TV. That feeds right into our addiction to the MSM and I'm as guilty as everybody else on that one. I am a picky media consumer and exercise my right to choose.

There have been several passings onto glory lately that are on my mind, not the least of which is my friend Jack's mama and Marfie's brother Gerald plus Mrs Mount, bless her heart. Their obituaries won't get front page status on the daily rag but their families are suffering nonetheless. My buddy Scott is in recovery from back surgery due to years of building and roofing on the side from his day job. He's got a cute girlfriend who knows how to take care of things when somebody is sick. Booger finally gave it up and went to sleep after howling forever while TT rubbed his head. Just another day in paradise as the Monsanto products get sprayed to and fro over the farm. The heirs to this property could possibly have a chance to help mother earth if they'd just pay attention. I mean can only spend so much money.

Looking back, I see Work Guy as my last true love before the one who used to drive two hours to spend one with me. He brought his dog usually and the four wheeler. I was at rock bottom and needed a reason to believe again and I can guarantee you he did just that. Viva Viagra! This guy is the one who helped me get Hoss to and from Memphis International Airport to Dyersburg TN and Pecan Lane. We met halfway at my friend Sue's tearoom and gift shop with a fresh canister of oxygen for the ride. And then we got the Camry stuck in the mud and had to call Lowery's Body Shop for a tow. I blame all that on the bottle of Jack I bought. My brother and I had a conversation about end times and how things just seem to be out of control so why not just have fun. Sounds like party time for he a bunch of folks at his future retirement home on Pickwick. We could all do worse, ya know?

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