Thursday, May 8, 2014


I am off and slept in today which was sorely (no pun intended) needed. Sleeping with a heating pad surrounded by doggie love I drifted off and woke only when I heard Booger's voice as he walked around chatting to himself. I can't stand to see what all that babbling is about. He's getting a swing and a wading pool soon and all will be well with his little world for the summer. Sometimes I envy the simplicity of his life yet his ability to show awe and wonder keeps me believing when all else fails and the universe knocks me on my ass. Again. That's where your old friend Step One comes in handy.

I'm seeing a doc finally about my shoulder next week so we'll at least know what the plan is. Right now the pain is quite bearable unless I overuse that arm. When I think of surgery all I can think of is having no right hand for a month and I tell myself "girl,don't go there" as long as I can maintain. Surgery itself carries many risks and isn't something to just jump into if there's an alternative. The way I understand it, a completely torn tendon will continue to cause retraction until it can't be repaired, usually within six months. My injury is not your typical rotator cuff deal, but involves the subscapularis which is much less common and almost always due to trauma. Like falling on the ice. Twice in one month, no less.

The microscopic examination of our sawmill wraps up this afternoon and I'm glad my part was over and done with before I left yesterday. I have no doubt that there will be "opportunities for improvement" but we are a solid crew with excellent work practice and bossfriend is an organizational wizard so there you go. Somebody started a list of our recent phlebotomists and we added to it as somebody's name popped up. Needless to say, there's a big turnover for that job. They are not paid NEARLY what they are worth seeing as how the entire testing process rests in their hands when obtaining specimens. All the QC in the world doesn't matter if it's the wrong person's stuff.

One of my friends from work has a relative who is the talk of our town what with her parading up and down the street in wifebeaters and a walkman doing modern dance. There have been FB pics of her in action but I think that's mean because she really can't help herself. Crazy as batshit, ya'll. I'm really curious as to what, if any, meds she's on. Chickie usually seems happy in her own little music filled world and even dances with her fru fru dog sometimes. Whatever keeps the monsters at bay, I say.

Tick season is in full swing and a real doozie this time. So far I haven't seen Mr. Snake around Casa Poops but I know my days are numbered. We shall see, and keep the faith.

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  1. I have those pesky downsloping acromions, which means any trauma at all can tear an RC (supraspinatus for me). I opted for surgery over pain and the potential of an injection (which I was told would take me off the surgery waiting list for six months), although I'm not sure I would again. I will say the recovery was quicker than a month, although the pain takes its time saying goodbye. Wishing you well.