Monday, May 5, 2014

manic monday

Thanks to Big Ernie, it wasn't. I swear to you I went to bed at 6:30 yesterday with Sammy D and watched the sunset through my bedroom window. Poops is wore smooth out. I've had an MRI and a myofascial release treatment in anticipation of not having a retracted right arm for the rest of my life. MFR is an amazing therapy and one that the bitch in my right shoulder has needed for about four years. As many of you know, $$ has been tight for some time so self-care has been on the back burner. I'm going to the dentist tomorrow for the first time in four years, and it's not the one who turned me over to collections. That's the thing about folks...they have a huge posse of people to send one on down the road to a bad credit rating over amounts that don't really matter in the whole scheme of things to the anointed ones who deliver that vital service. I also have an appointment with an ortho guy to discuss options on the torn subscapularis tendon which is(according to Google) not the usual injury. My theory is that the bitch had been at home so long back there it was an accident waiting to happen.

I pulled into the yard and lo and behold there were Ryan and his friend with all their boy toys working on the landscape at my house and I swear to you, that's the sweetest vision I've seen in a long time. Well, besides the sight of asphalt after that five inches of ice in March. What doesn't kill us.....

I think back over the past few years and remember bits and pieces like Tara leaning on the power switch and shattering the passenger's side window on the (trustY) Camry. Actually, it wasn't her fault because it had been effed up forever before that fateful day. We used to make the rounds picking folks up for group in that car which was before Shannah had her own. I kid you not, we drove all over the little neighborhoods off Hwy 412 looking for Beezo one day. That was before he went to rehab in LA or wherever. Dumbass broke and crawled into the freakin' drive-thru at my pharmacy which is no more. Currently my lawyer cousin has his practice there so if I happen to need one, I know where he's at. He's a personal injury type dude in contrast to my personal friend who is just a good old boy from Lake county and has watched my ass through two divorces and a judgement for free. He teaches SS to my 80 something parents and they love every minute of it. He's the COC one who is happy just to play a musical instrument in church.

Hmm..Still no plane. Seems as if nobody will ever know what happened that day and I realize that's a hard one to swallow but it is what it is. We have been there and done that as a country and what goes around comes around to those who least expect it. What really slays me is that people worldwide don't "get it" that our drive for industrial commerce is much less gratifying than what J would do. My great grandmother's yellow iris are about to burst forth and multiply so there will be pics.

Love ya'll. Mean it ^j^

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