Saturday, May 10, 2014

goal setting

When I sign into blogger there are some bells and whistles to tell me how many posts I've done and I'm only about 200 less than I did on Poop Happens before pulling out Truman to say goodbye. I've never been one to just sit around and think about what to do next, choosing instead to live in the moment and enjoy it. Thus, my scattered life. There is however, one thing on my bucket list that I must make happen and that's "the book." Since it began post 9/11 the whole process has been streamlined and outsourced so that the print business is reserved mostly for those who have the money to back it. THEREFORE, there's got to be a way to just pack these blogs up and send them on their way to readers worldwide. There are three, and the one least used is "the book." Suggestions? I know there are some writers out there who know how I roll and could offer advice to a good old smartass southern gal.

It was a relief to go into the sawmill this morning and not have visitors. It was quiet and nice for which I thank Big Ernie because the bitch is in pain again *sigh*. Appointment with orthopod on Monday. Let's all hold hands and sing kumbahya that we find a way to get some relief for her. I was advised by one friend to be hesitant on the surgery thing and I'm appropriately looking for ways to fix things without that much medical intervention. Holistic healing methods are nice but very pricey and insurance doesn't pay which I don't understand. It would cost them LESS to treat someone's pain that way than to do something invasive and fraught with dangers like MRSA and whatnot. I suppose you could say I know too much. Actually my ideal job would be as a patient advocate, paid a reasonable wage for helping patients to make their way through the maze that is modern healthcare. There's more to it than a diagnosis. If you need a guide for travel you sure as hell need one in the doctor's office.

I've finally made a move to tackle the living room and make piles of things which make some sort of sense. There are a ton of family pictures and pieces, plus lots of farm stuff. It's time to sort and move again only this time the load will be lighter. BG is still mad because I sold my grandma's antique flower pot but she broke the bowls so we're even. We had plans for a Mother's day celebration of some sort but of course neither one of either finishes anything so it won't happen. I'm good with that, really. Being mother to she and her friends is something I wouldn't trade for anything even thought it's stressful sometimes. Hey..what isn't??

Love ya'll. Keep the faith ^j^

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