Thursday, May 22, 2014

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Most people use FB and other forms of media to communicate with their friends both real life and "online only." Well, maybe not most but many and I'm one of them because honestly? I'm too tired to get out there for mixing and mingling. Nothing in the world makes me happier than having a friend drop by for a beer or six on the porch talking about life and admiring the view. I have it made in that respect with a panorama of nature for a home. Just this afternoon I spotted two young deer racing from one forest to another right across my road to home. I stopped and watched to make sure they didn't get slammed by golf course traffic and they did, indeed, make it safely to point B. Another slam dunk for mother nature. It's already hotter than July.

I have found that it's nearly impossible to make meaningful comments on posts by people that I don't know personally, but occasionally I try and it backfired on me in the form of a couple of defensive posts after mine made by others that I don't know. And it was seriously all in fun. Lesson learned, and not because there was any ill intent. Only that people out there in the interwebs are projecting an image with their words that is hard to put things in context. I apologized and all was forgiven but it taught me how we are all very distant in spite of the connectivity. We know the type who does nothing but post dinner and prom pics and that's the extent of what we see about them. I'm a new convert to unfollowing because I'm so CoD that I don't want to just unfriend somebody. I'm bad about slapping up demolibtard posters and getting into discussions spats with conservatives. There's this one shrew who is all up over my liberal lawyer cousin's posts which I totally enjoy. She's trying her best to convert him to "her way" which is "god's way" or the highway. Because she's a cousin of his too and Jesus would like for that to happen according to her. He is politely respectful to her but I can hear him going *sigh* every time she jumps into the fray. Mark is a philosopher as well as a very smart attorney and judge who believes in equality and justice. His wife is a friend of friends and they live nearby. His brother is here, but the rest of that family is scattered or gone. My other cousin Bubba (i know, so typical south) is also a personal injury lawyer who moved from court square to a busy highway, LED sign and all. Kenny is also one of favorites because he's so much like me in being a realist and calling it like it is, all the while having fun. I remember one particular night when it was somebody's birthday at the kudzu bar and chickie poured an entire pitcher of beer on his head. Good times! I don't know Phil but Debbie was my co-worker for many years, married to another nurse. Steve is married to a schoolteacher whose Mom was a nurse with me. All of this and more is what makes me appreciate the simple pleasures of hometown life.

I am the elder now to cousins of the Stafford family and that makes me sad. Marfie just realized today that she is the oldest of HER siblings now. YIKES!! How did all this happen when I just graduated from UTCHS? Another ritual of death is the gathering of photos for the slide show in our techno advanced age. Half of my life at the funeral home was spent looking at snapshots of people at various stages in their lives. And of course they have sad like SAD music and it's just eh. I dunno. I believe that when my physical body dies that my soul will become one with all those who have died before me, whether they believe in Jesus or not. In the minds of many people, that's blasphemy. Consider the amount of missionary aid that is sent from local congregations in other countries shared with what we need at home. Otherwise, tax that income and get rid of the flashy salaries and golf.

I've had two good days with the bitch shoulder but ran out of luck on that about noon. The only way I'm functioning now is the occasional visit for MFR and over the counter pain meds. That works for a short term but it's time for some steroids or something, JESUS! Back surgery guy just made it to his recliner at home so it'll be awhile. Hope your recovery is swift, friend :) I was very active up until the age of 50 and then stress and reality set in and ravaged my youth. I was a true power walker in my 30s doing sometimes 2.5M on the two giant hills. The anesthesia guy who lived at the dead end rode his bike to work and jogged around the row crop. His partner had a Harley and loved to make it go vrooom. Pride live here because of him, but that's a whole 'nother story.


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