Tuesday, May 13, 2014

absence and the heart

I know many folks, BG included, who must have the TV on at all times until lights out. I was out of contract and opted out of cable two years ago and honestly haven't missed it much except on occasion. Like when everybody else was watching BB and Nurse Jackie and I had to pay Hastings for box sets years later. Honestly at the time I quit 'em, there wasn't a lot of good quality programming, and there still isn't with the "big three." Beginning for me with The Sopranos, HBO and Showtime have proven themselves over and over to be the geniuses of our day. When I was putting in our order last night on live chat they asked what kind of shows I like. My response was give me the cheapest package with Comedy Central and E!. No sports. No shopping networks. No Latino movies. No porn. I want my Chelsea and Colbert and Stewart and all the rest of them because hey...i've missed them! How sad that an almost 60 year old woman lives vicariously through characters. Just kidding. Things we look forward to are what make life worth living and the tough times seem somehow like a memory. My celebrity boyfriend made his first movie for HBO.

Imagine, if you will, a world in which I'm trying to explain the whole Putin/Snowden scenario to one who saw SNL and their PootingTooting skit. Of course we forget about him being a hero because the big bad government is after him for "spilling" secrets which we needed to know. Meanwhile, all the freakin' right can talk about is Benghazi and Monica, as if that's more important than homeland security. Congress? You disgust me. I am registered to vote at my new address on the lane and I will be watching your asses for the next few years. Please don't make me go postal because I'd never make it in jail. My friend came by awhile ago and we visited in the driveway as he told me about falling head first into a ceiling fan with a big bump to prove it. I bought new earrings from my engaged salsa sister today and put in an order for another bracelet. Like bedding plants, her stuff is my crack.

I have three surviving 'maters in concrete blocks but they're not thriving, if you will, just yet. It's rained just about every day and is again now, with the sun shining no less. I guess that means I'll be looking for the rainbow. when my friend Ms Ann died I was camped out with her family doing the watch thing and on the day she died, I drove into the sawmill parking lot and saw the biggest rainbow EVER stretched over the entire building. It was a message I'll never forget.


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