Friday, May 23, 2014

thunderstorm watch

Our typical summer weather pattern has set up which consists of a few days of cool and a return to hot'n'humid which will quickly turn into a very RARE cool day with more heat and humidity. The corn loves it but it makes me wilt what with my status as an aging southern belle carrying a torn shoulder who can't find her big girl panties. I've got a three day weekend so that's a good thing. For the first time in a very LONG time I started my day with a prayer, simply for peace. At work. At home. In the world. I'm enough of a spiritual person to know that nothing ever gets solved with hatred and war. Self defense is one thing but somebody has watched too many episodes of creepy government as the bad guy movies. Our country was booming in the early years following 2000. Stocks soared and retirements were stacking up to where it looked like the working stiff might be able to retire before they die on the job. If it really is the government's fault it's because of partisan politics and big bucks with the Dems being just as guilty. Somebody has to be the first to say "no more" and be transparent with the $$$. Congress would be a nice place to start, I mean seriously! Grow up ya'll. Doesn't anybody ever learn from the past? I do hold our sitting president accountable for huge corporate bailouts following the crash. He took way too long to stop the war on terrorism...on their turf, no less!

It makes my soul weary to see benefits being denied to the veterans of our last two wars when the whole thing was so totally not necessary except to make money for Halliburton. I'll never forget the picture of those contractors burning on a bridge in Fallujah. That's when I said to myself that this was serious shit and a lot of young people bought into it because it was the supposedly "patriotic" response to 9/11. Kinda' like all those random acts of violence on peaceful Muslims in this country in the days that followed. Saddam was not the problem. Our dependence on foreign oil was and still is the problem and we're killing the earth as we burn fossil fuel. The world is about a kazillion years old but eventually that shit's gonna run out. Probably right about the time California, Florida and Jersey break off into the ocean that's "not globally warmed." My favorite movie ending is with Tea Leoni and her dad facing down the wave together.

I have always believed in service to my country except for the draft and a few other things. I read today that our governor has brought back the electric chair as an alternative to lethal injection and that reminded me that I'm still in the land of the GOP. The death penalty is not a deterrent to crime in any form or fashion simply because there is no immediate consequence for the crime. Jail! Now there's a deal what with all those contractors providing access to things that I never knew existed until about ten years ago. The thing that kills me is that most prison populations consist of people who, though not victims, grew up in a culture of violence, rage and abuse. Not an excuse, just an explanation of what is. In this day and time to have a picture of local law enforcement with a bunch of weed plants on the front page is absolutely stupid. I can't wait to move to Washington state. Or maybe Oregon.

I believe that as a people, we are faced with a very important decision and I pray that what happens is not as bad as I expect. I'm tired of paying for cable to watch news about fools who buy guns legally and easily, slip through the cracks of our mental healthcare system and slaughter innocents. That Fox and the other sensationalists make big money from this in a Judge Judy sort of way makes me even sicker than O'Reilly and Rush. My heroes are the ones who have done good things and helped their followers to believe that justice really is an option and that old Satan won't win all of 'em.


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