Thursday, May 29, 2014

the state of things

My brother was busy with corporate today so I did the grocery run for the grands which consisted of orange juice (already had it) milk *ditto* and bread. Plus some microwave spaghetti. I bought sweet corn and salted butter and some frozen bird plus spinach. The onions will more than likely be the chives in that pot out back. I'm traveled out and got a nice treatment of a terribly achy shoulder that I intend to enjoy. I'm enough of my mother's child to keep on trying to crawl but a realist in that nobody can take care of me but me. And Pelham Myofascial Release.

Corporate is here and likely to drop by if it's on the schedule. They met with Farmer Joey up by the dairy barn where the kudzu crosses the road. I kid you not we need a goat on that hill. The magnolias have been raised up so that blooms are too high to pick except for that one in the ditch. There are two dogwoods and multiple redbuds that I just let go and let God and now there they are all beautiful and stuff. Amazing ways, ya'll. We spent the last two years mourning the fact that we couldn't watch Chelsea except on our phones and now the show is. ending in August. Only two months into my two year contract with the giant mega dish provider. Meh......

I saw a little bit of Matt Lauer and Snowden this morning and I'm interested to see what both men have to say about the state of our union. According to my conservative friend Mark, Obama is not a leader because he didn't send troops to die in Syria and or Ukraine. I asked him if he seriously thought we could beat Russia at their own game and he didn't reply. There comes a time when reality is what it is. Hunger Games X! I see Snowden and Greenwald as a modern day Woodward and Bernstein. It's not too late if everybody will just pay attention.

Lotso' rain for the corn and whatnot. I haven't seen Mr.Snake yet this year but I feel it coming. I'm working on not looking at him so much as a threat and more of an omen of change. Lorna taught me that plus totems and much more. I went by to see Precious and family today over at the church. We chatted among ourselves and I waited until P showed up before heading out to deliver thawed out groceries. At least the sun wasn't out. As I was leaving I backed into some guy's pickup and had to get out and apologize for the error of my ways. Liz was there...and Gigi and Lisa. Ashley looks just like her daddy and so does her brother.

My salsa sister is getting married and looks happier than I've ever seen her which makes me grin too. Maybe some day Big Ernie will see fit to bless me with a guy who fits my personality. He would totally have to be funny and cute and be willing to put my needs on the top of his list of priorities. At my age, that means a lot.

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