Saturday, May 17, 2014

over the gate

Since Booger started walking he is becoming increasingly intolerant of the baby gates on each of the doors to his room. One leads to the kitchen which is where we gather so he's bound and determined to come join us. I noticed earlier that he was trying to climb it and thought "nah". He proved me wrong and went head first onto the kitchen floor adding another bruise to his already purple forehead. The kid just will.not.quit. He's also started smacking at the dogs and cat or whomever he pleases and all of us humans just give him a tiny dose of what he did to us because, hey. Other folks aren't so nice when you bite or slap. He and TeeTee are sleeping it off as I type.

I have to haul my own garbage in the trunk of my trusty old Camry and it was piling up and not raining so my one and only trip to town consisted of doing just that. As I approached the junkyard next to the highway, there were Oscar and Ryder seeing what was up and running toward me. They got an unexpected ride to town hanging out the window together and the garbage pile is thinner. Not gone, mind you. Since I'm a dreamer, I believe that will happen some day. The house is reasonably clean except for the office/pawnshop. The yard is mowed and a lush green because of all the rain. Life is good on the lane today.

An unexpected call came this morning as I was taking a pic of Lily curled up in the back Cadi window for warmth. It involves one last opportunity to get our somewhat shaky finances back at a reasonable starting point with a monthly payment until I retire, or start thinking about it. I'm just hoping the Camry holds out a bit longer until I can afford my "last car." I remember when my Mama got hers and promptly totaled it on the by-pass. Ten years later, she did the same thing. I am at high risk for macular degeneration as well as cervical cancer and my joints sound like popcorn so it's time for a daily glucosamine fix. I remember thinking that it must be a miracle cure because both of my parents took it for years...still do at 80+. Mom also takes the eye vitamins even though it's way past helping. We try, all of us, to hang onto life as we know it. A friend of mine has had a week from hell with his elderly mother in the hospital "environment" and all I can say is I relate buddy. Over the past few years I've spent a lot of unpaid time there with my own folks. We do what we can to honor them because they were there for us as children. That's one of the Big Ten, ya know. I am a very irreverant sort of gal most of the time, a rebel who chooses her battles and comes out swinging on the important things. Elder care is one of those things, BTW.

It's still cool and kinda' gloomy but that's okay with me. I feel some quality indoors time coming on. Ya'll call your mama'n'them and keep the faith.

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