Wednesday, May 28, 2014

pick your battles

In my almost 59 year old life I have discovered that unless and even IF somebody has experienced a loss they can't relate to the issue at all. But (as Rod would say) "here's the thing." Most of us define loss as when somebody dies but it's much much more than that. Every day is a lesson in letting go of what was to experience the joy that life has to offer. I read today that my hero Maya was raped at the age of 7 and subsequently the rapist was killed by a mob. She didn't speak for six years after that, carrying the guilt for his death with her until words came again. And boy did they spill out over the years! She's right up there with Mother Teresa and the new Pope in my book. Do good. Always. Otherwise? The devil wins.

The NSA is taking hits today on that "outing" of THE Afghan spy and I'm like really ya'll? Here we all are going to hell in a southern Republican handbasket and you do that?! Ain't no excuse for it. I told BG this afternoon that I'm excited for the first time in a long time at the prospect of an election because November looks like a big deal to this casual political observer. I sense an attitude of defiance and not in the live in a bunker with a gun way. Term limits are long past due. Get those old mother effers back home and let some younger non-party affiliated people use their Civics skills. Being a lawyer is not required. PS. Fox News failed to identify the project manager. I'm sure they had to check with legal on that one.

Which brings us right back to Snowden and his buddy Greenwald. These men are all responsible journalists who saw the ways in which our government is trashing our rights to privacy and they told the story. Perhaps if somebody besides Zapruder had followed up on the CIA Dealy Plaza wouldn't be a place that everyone identifies with JFK's death. Dr. King died on the balcony of a cheap motel in Memphis struck down by some poor fool who took the money and ran. Evil knows no boundaries.

If you responsible God fearing gun owners think that gun control is about taking away your right to defend yourself, think again. Just don't do it with an AK17 is all I'm asking. Somebody has to stop the madness. Might as well be us, and I think Jesus and Hoss would like that.

Love ya...mean it ^j^

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