Tuesday, May 6, 2014

swings and things

I'm glad yesterday was a snoozer because I barely ate or sat all day what with officials everywhere and you know who slamming us. Like, to death! We figured today was it so we were all ready to face the music. I must say that I'm proud to be a part the team of the healthcare professionals that I call friends. To paraphrase my bossfriend: We may fuss and fight but when the rubber hits the road......" Indeed dear. Love ya. Mean it :) High five to the nurses who learned how to give blood from me and others and pulled it off without missing a beat. Fortunately our visitor wasn't just on a mission to pick things to death which can happen and has. It ain't pretty. You know how everybody hates to go to the dentist right? I was actually ready to go this afternoon and had to leave a message at the beep with my regards.

I stopped at the gas station this morning to get ciggies and ran into my old friend TimmyD as in SammyD and that whole tale. He bought the kudzu bar after corporate did their thing and has kept the huge following of non-rowdy regulars who meet there for drinks coffee after work. Obviously most of 'em don't have kids at home and at the very least very understanding wives. I was one of those wives for many years. The odd thing is that as long as we were on different shifts, it worked. When he came to days after 11 years, it all began to fall apart. Well, that and other things. He told me from the get go that I couldn't afford a hundred year old farmhouse by myself and he was right. Fortunately the snowball seems to have turned around just a bit or at least ain't rolling at warp speed. Thank you BF and sweet baby jeebus.

Landlord brother just cruised into the 'hood on a rent pickup and I got to see his beautiful border collie named Sally. She is every bit as sweet and gentle as Bandit was wild. When Bandit died, I thought I'd have to bury him out there alongside the dog pen. It's a tradition that we ride together to pick out pups. First for Daddy, now for him. Unlike me, the crazy dog lady, he chooses to keep a low profile. She does look stunning all black and white hanging over the bed of his white truck watching my dogs be heatherns.

No political discourse today other to say that I feel hopeful for the first time in a LONG time about our country. Even though there are gay hatin' rednecks on every corner it seems, there are a hundred more loving humans to counteract that negativity. Belief that random acts of kindness will make a difference is what's up.

Keep the faith ^j^

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