Wednesday, January 29, 2014

poor idgie

She was lucky enough to get caught in the middle of snow and ice near Atlanta where that rarely happens. I think Alabama got its' butt froze all the way to Florida but that's okay. Idgie started out to pick up her kids at school when everything got let out early and lo and behold found herself stuck in a cheap motel with a four pack of Sutter and some road tripping kind of food. Including beanie weanies and chex mix. We first met, she and Mahala and I, when she was beginning her career as a book reviewer/southern gal who rocks. Mahala's entry as mascot for Dew on the Kudzu was a monkey and it was on! This woman went on a mad search for all things southern and I mean what's more southern than the evil piles of green waiting for dead bodies. Hat tip to Joshilyn Jackson for that mental picture.

It's still cold frigid enough to be nipply with a slight warmup and rain in the forecast. How do I know that you ask? Because it's what we talk about at the sawmill including families and politics and religion and whatnot. Mostly families, which is kind of ironic. We miss them when we're working and don't take the time to slow down and keep the faith. My blog friend Vicki posted a picture of her great nephew who had successful surgery for neuroblastoma today. To me, this is the future of medicine and perhaps explains why I've been exploring other options. Now never fear, I won't take on brain surgery at this age BUT I can see me in an educator or consultant role. I mean, it's time I got something out of those four years of college!Life is good right now. The financial pressure is off for the moment and I have the opportunity to make a nest for myself because I'm gonna need it. It's been a long time since I watched TV in my own bed, just saying.

If ya'll want to know Idgie go visit her over at the Dew ^j^


  1. It's been a long time since I read over at the dew, P. I spend, rather waste, too much time in Facebook. I'll check it out again when I have a computer again. Mine crashed, literally, onto the floor. Busted forever.

    1. Some really good Southern girl writers there!!