Sunday, January 12, 2014

let's give 'em something to talk about

Thank the Lord and pass the sunscreen it's a beautiful day on the lane where a couple of young men are either making some pecan money or exploring the haunted dairy barn. Either way I figure it's good that they're outside while their mama works. Sister and Boogs are watching Elf and trying to catch a nap. TeeTee just got home from lunch with her dad and I'm still full from Mary Lou's southern feast on daddy's dime. We went to two different dollar stores to find what we halfass needed and I smooth forgot about Walgreen being on every corner. Note to self! They love riding in the Cadi and it certainly has more room for her walker.

I told my Aunt Virginia to call while she was in Washington but haven't heard from her so I figure they've been busy bonding and such. Donna and I had our last meeting at Mexico for margaritas and lunch. She is, of all my cousins, the one most like me in spirit. A gentle soul with a liberal point of politics she spent 30 years on her feet serving passengers in-air for Delta. When she got older and not quite so cute, they canned her. When things were the darkest around here money and problem wise she dug deep into her pockets to send us dinner at Lupo's. She paid for three months of internet service so that I could continue to write. Mama told me she never saw such a sad little girl as when Donna first saw me, the NEW baby. Love ya...mean it.

I stopped by Money Mike's today and chatted with my friend Sara waiting for beer thirty which is after 12N in Tennessee. You know it's church day. Beer sales are also not allowed between 3 and 7AM because I'm not sure why. Nobody that has money to buy it is up at that time of day except for shift workers. My brother used to work at a liquor store downtown when there was a cluster of them and the street guys would hang around until 8AM so they could get their bottle of cheap wine or whiskey. There is only one store there now since urban sprawl happened and downtown got abandoned. It is pretty though because several owners of the historic buildings on court square have done renovations to improve the total look. A lot of money went into fancy street lights and sidewalks, from a grant I believe. There are very few retailers there now but lots of law offices and banks. This bohemian couple named Jorge and Fire had an art studio upstairs in one of them. Tennessee's oldest hardware store sits lifeless with broken stained glass where Forked Deer used to be. Meanwhile, Stephen Fincher's office sits to the left of a beer garden that never got used because the churches run our local politics and they said nay to alcohol sales at a bike show that brought huge revenue into our area. Lots of money to our tax base. Of course the churches aren't taxed so they didn't care that it was a major economic faux pas for the 'burg. The man who was behind all that still uses south D'burg as home base for his motorcycle business known as Boss Hoss. See what I mean?

Really? I'm not bitching to much because every small town in America is suffering the same fate unless they get populated with new generation green thinking younger folk. Unfortunately they are outnumbered by gas guzzling big ass honkin' SUV driving soccer moms and football dads raising kids to be just like 'em, all from money earned in a corporate ripoff of the rest of us working stiffs. It makes me sick enough to SPIT. I got the ugly wave the other day from one of those women in a Yukon who was just pissed as hell because I was wore out and took her turn at a 4-way stop. Get over it honey.

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