Tuesday, January 28, 2014

no news is good

I have a feeling the that the way that mainstream media created 2 generations of zombies was simply by refusing to place on their front pages "no news is good news." It's my mantra these days and the exact opposite of "if it bleeds it leads." There is a time and place for reporting tragic events but too much of that kind of drama leaves readers feeling hopeless. The only thing I find in my local rag that I didn't already know is the obituaries and the funeral homes are all online now so pretty soon their main reason for purchase will be gone. Well, that and the Kroger ads. When BG was working there I contacted the editor and sent a sample of my blog as a sort of example of how I write. Left my phone number and asked for feedback. Never got a call. I noticed there's an opening in ad selling which I could not do because I'm not wired like that. Neither are any of the other poor suckers who have tried it.

Busy busy and busy with lots of viruses floating around infecting tribes all over the world. H1N1 has reared its' head again as a reminder of just how short life can be when natural disasters or/or disease take over. I talked with a tough lady today that I've worked with for years and Thursday will be her last shift. She survived cancer treatment and continued to work just as hard as anybody who was the picture of health. She always talked about fast tracking to RN and I'm not sure if that ever happened but she's the kind of nurse you want on your side, if you know what I mean. Have a great time relaxing Connie...you've earned it!

Breaking Bad is becoming monotonous kind of like Weeds did after the 98th viewing so I've invested in Nurse Jackie and I'm really intrigued at how they managed to show the human side of both addiction and what healthcare demands of a practitioner. Sometimes I just want to smack that too good to be true husband and tell him to be a little rowdier but that's part of his never ending charm I suppose. Mr. Mom indeed! The nurse's aide with bunny scrubs is my favorite.

Plan B is coming together for Boogs and fam as I type. It's workable for now so we'll just go with the flow. I have to clean up the dining room floor which is something I've put off since having the huge sale this summer but it shall happen today or tomorrow to get ready for more stuff. Hey..we might find a few more have to have items! I do plan to take good pictures and give complete descriptions of a lot of my collectibles and just put them out there for perusal. Most of the people I dealt with this past summer were wanting stuff at dollar store prices. Most of the time I obliged them except when it came to furniture. I still have one bronze peace sign that BF sent so that will be in the collection.

Today was difficult for me emotionally and it was nothing but the grace of God that kept me with my head down, focused on getting through the day. My heart was elsewhere in the Cadi cruising toward an adventure of sorts. It's scary and good all at the same time which is a paradox, I reckon. Something different at the very least. Just talked to my mama and I could hear Daddy fussing in the background while we tried to have a relaxed conversation. She told him that I said to get his arse n the living room if he didn't like it. I mean gah.

Other than all that, I got nothing.

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