Wednesday, January 8, 2014

flirtin' with pneumonia

The cash flow situation around here is such that BG and were forced inspired to go pecan picking in 25 degree weather this morning. Both of us are sick so it didn't last long but we managed to scrape up 25 bucks worth. That will cover necessities for the day. Her work schedule is rather wonky at the moment so we never know who's coming or going when. The water is still frozen and according to the handyman it will probably be Thursday before it thaws. Then we gotta look for leaks...oh joy! Most of the plumbing is in the basement so I think it's the tank or pump itself that are frozen because the basement isn't that cold. The temperature down there stays pretty steady no matter how cold or hot it is which can be a real blessing.

I chatted with the people at the pecan place about prices and availability and how it's a good thing this one air headed customer married a rich man. I should have thought about that long ago!! This place made a killing off of the corporate Christmas gift that all 500 of us got at the sawmill. Daddy let me in yesterday evening to take a shower and I was surprised that he didn't rush me out the door, instead showing concern that we're "roughing" it. He has a chiro appointment today and mama's got hair because the weather forecast for tomorrow includes ice pellets again. Yay! The ramp up to Angel's is not very forgiving when there's ice and she sure doesn't need a broken hip just to get her hair did.

Meanwhile, the rest of the nation deals with arctic cold and busted pipes just like me so I'm surely not alone. There are plenty of others living in boxes by underpasses trying to stay warm. I burned another section of the asparagus bed this morning in anticipation of spring and enjoyed the heat while it lasted. One of my most vivid survivalist memories is of the failure of internet service during one of the floods. I had no TV and a dumb phone at the time so I was kind of stuck up here with nothing but a cell phone. I tried to describe to somebody at ATT how the web was my LIFELINE at the moment and then felt silly about the whole thing because's only been in the last 15 years that we've had that luxury. That was the time we hitched a ride out in the back of the crack head's pickup and he almost slung us out in the field on the way across. Then we went through several feet of water to get to the trusty old Camry. I swear ya'll, I was ready to jump if that truck had not hit pavement when it did.

If I were a player in the Hunger Games, I'd be out by the 2nd round most likely because I'm just not that tough. I certainly hope I'm gone before it gets to that! Today will be one to piddle and wander and make more trips for water to flush the toilet. Fun times man. Fun times.

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