Friday, January 3, 2014

the saga continues

I've lived long enough to know that where there are peaks there is sure to be a valley or two waiting around to happen when you're still on a high from that last peak. That is precisely what happened during the past 24 hours as I struggled to stay warm and get the Camry in motion. I called roadside assistance this morning after BG dropped me off at the sawmill and waited 30 minutes for a dispatch person to take my call. Good thing I wasn't stranded on the side of the road freezing to death. Anywho, the local provider good old Patterson Brothers service station sent a guy with a super duper booster to get my car down to their shop where it was determined that I had to have a NEW battery at $138. Okay then, add that to what I already owe Peter Paul and the Virgin Mary and you've got a huge overdraft situation looming within the next week and the eagle shit just last night. O.M.G. How much worse can it get you say? Hmmmm. Never say that or Big Ernie will flat show you in language you understand like locusts and floods and whatnot. If I can we can somehow make it until BG's first check and the tax refund maybe it will return to regular crisis mode rather than orange alert.

The most ridiculous part of all this is that I have a good job and make decent money yet I struggle to keep up because well, you know. I'm not in the 1%. Now mind you I don't begrudge you CEOs your million dollar bonuses and tropical vacations but could you please just pay off the national debt with all the money you've made from corporate tax breaks? That would solve this country's entire dire situation in the course of about a week. I know it sounds like a bizarre notion because's your money and capitalism has allowed you to become rich beyond imagination. The trouble is, the more you have the more you want. How about them Koch brothers and Alice Walton? High five to Jamie and the bunch at JP Morgan. Hat tip to CITI and WAMU and all the others who bankrupted this country. Just remember when you get to the pearly gates and the sheep and goat sorting starts, we tried to tell you.

Prednisone is one kickass medication when you have a muscle injury like mine and also have the beginning of the epizootie that often results in pneumonia. Our friend at the urgent care clinic cares enough about her patients to hook a girl up even with no insurance and limited funds. Heck I may not even need the physical therapy that I wrangled an order for. It will have to be pretty bad pain to go through all the paperwork it takes to make THAT happen. Just saying. I still can't hook my bra but hey, baby steps is all I ask for at this point.

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