Tuesday, January 7, 2014

polar vortex

That's the buzzword for Hercules the great which has turned the US into one giant deep freeze. It's okay to leave the mayo out overnight, if you know what I mean. My water comes from a well with a pump that I have always previously guarded with a heater during the winter months. I failed to set it up ahead of time or I would have noticed that the wiring is frayed and disconnected and I have not a freakin' clue how to fix it. I think with some heat it would be okay in a couple of hours. So I wait for Bobby the handyman to show up. There will be pictures if he does. BG went to the grands for a shower and I went for a dump and while we were there it was discovered that one of their refrigerators was dark so I took the bulb out and found that wasn't it. Daddy argued with me that it's fine since there's ice so I left it at that. Oh, and Mom sent home one of her bras with me because it's "tight on her." Lordhavemercy!

I was on a mission to get that dining room floor sanitary until the water went out so I reckon it's plan B until it flows. I would be ashamed for anybody to even see it at this point. Needless to say, Swiffer is my friend. That was a new invention when I began as a blogger and I remember entering a contest at the Swiffer Mom's site for something or another. I won a couple of books by great authors and even won a website design by the lovely Tamara that served me well until Poop Happens moved onto the next chapters on Pecan Lane. Thank you for believing in me...everybody who ever has offered encouragement that what I write matters. It's therapy for me and it someone else gets a point that makes it a win-win. I do indeed encounter a number of folks who want to get nasty and slam me for being a demolibtard. Whatever. There will always be haters.

It's an Alicia Keys Whitney Houston kind of day around here as I try to pull together some soft of plan for the next week financially. There is gas to be bought to go to jobs that will allow us to pay some of the bills but that's 10 days away. But you know what? I've been here before and made it just fine with a little flexibility and letting go. We got a very unexpected gift on Sunday that brought tears to my eyes and got promptly paid forward to a friend in need. That's how it works, ya know? To whom much is given and all that.

Stay warm and tap your brakes ^j^

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