Wednesday, January 22, 2014

the ugly cry

Even with proper meds, I've been busting out with some serious tears over the past few days. I'm grieving for my cousins Donna, KA and Deb but there are so many more layers to the grief thatit could be a salad with the peas and stuff like everybody brings to the pot luck at church. I made a major social media error which caused some hurt feelings and I've been working through that. Work is busy but less drama so that's good. We still have a live in family but they're gone a lot so there you go. There was this hideous (broken) glass top table that sat at the end of BG's bed holding the somewhat unstable donated TV and cheap DVD player. Booger has almost decapitated himself on it several times so we moved it into the diningstorage room and moved the TV up high where we can actually see. Baby steps, ya'll.

When I talked to my "here's the thing" therapist a couple weeks ago there was only one issue in my mind and that was setting boundaries in a certain area of my life where my health was beginning to be affected. Now there are yet other things on the table that bring a certain amount of closure to one chapter with an uncertain future for "chapter next." One of my oldest blog friends had a blog named just that! There was some random guy who looked dressed for official work was sitting in a truck on my lane when I passed by this afternoon. It's a great hideout for people like UPS and FedEX drivers and ATT techs who just wanna chill before they clock out. If I'm lying I'm dying! I figure he was catching up on computer work from a just completed job.

And then there's the grands, bless their hearts. The battier they get the more frustrating yet hilarious it becomes because they can finally LOL at themselves and how they act together. Just like an old married couple. It will be sixty years on Feb 14 since they tied the knot while he was home from the Air Force. Mama said she talked to the VA grandkids the other night but didn't know what they said. That's okay because they're only 4 and 2 and she's kinda' out there most of the time. I love seeing her with a peace and acceptance of the way things are rather than that two year streak of mourning her independence. There were a lot of drop and run calls during that time period.

I don't a clue what's going on in the world since Rodman went to rehab and polar vortex II starting moving in. I'm just praying my last propane purchase will last through this cold spell. There are notes over both sinks that say "WATER On!" And still, I forget. That's what happens when you go into overload, kids. My karma request is for the ability to shake it up and shake it off and step up one more time. All you hippie folks out there send me some vibes. Love ya...mean it^j^

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