Saturday, January 4, 2014

deep freeze and liberal jesus

It's no surprise that it's about to get colder than it's been in eons and I'm feeling pretty blessed to have that high priced propane. Today is rather warm and beautiful, the kind that teases us into thinking that it will stay this way. Nope. I wonder where Jim Cantore will land this time? Ours will only last a day or two and the warmup will be quick but not so for the rest of the country. Bless ALL their little hearts I say! I don't normally get into online political discussions unless some troll comes snooping around baiting me with right wing nut case conspiracy theories. I stumbled into one on a friend's page today and the guy who dominated the whole thing obviously had everything typed up ahead of time and just pressed "send". After spending say umm...about 30 minutes comparing President Obama to Hitler he bowed out after spewing forth a bio his vast knowledge from police work, world travel and uber intelligence including 3 degrees. Now I've been in a lot of discussions and never ONCE felt compelled to throw my BS.MT. out as a badge of honor. Which is my point entirely. I told this guy what I thought and a couple of others backed me up. That's what's great about America and makes it to where his smart ass won't be the next Hitler. Bernie Sanders! Clone thyself!!!!

Both parties are guilty of spending too much time, money and political power on making things happen that have absolutely nothing to do with the wishes of the people who elected them, usually along party lines. I was, and remain, a not very big fan of the Dubya era for reasons that everybody understands. One of the things that I rememeber from that time is Terri Schiavo and how her parents and sibling went all the way to Supreme court near'about to keep her on life support while her poor little husband just tried to do what she wanted. As you may recall GOP corporate healthcare ho CEO Bill Frist got all up in the middle of that. Unfortunately the 13 year old brain dead post TandA girl has no advocate other than the ones who want "reparations" for their suffering. I think the hospital legal counsel was wise in agreeing to let Mama assume care for the child after a certain date because they don't agree with her definition of "life." If it's mechanical forever, you're dead. Some people just don't get that it's not ALL about them. We call it "futile care." and don't play the race card ya'll. It's not becoming!

I find myself still identifying people by race or ethnicity not out of disrespect but to help me remember who's who and from whence they come. The cultural barriers between people of the globe and a smartass redneck farmer's daughter country girl are more than could be numbered. Just just say it's a brazillion and leave it at that!

For me these types of people are the ones who so very little faith that there's something better than staying alive past the time Big Ernie intended. My parents at 80 and 82 are a miracle of how well our society has cared for that generation post war. And now, "the state" is kicking people out of nursing homes into the homes of untrained family members who work their asses off because of this shitty economy. Healthcare shouldn't be that way, especially for the elderly. They deserve to have people pay attention to their needs and be heard. I'm getting there in a hurry and I'm really not afraid because I figure that what I've done in my career has helped a whole lot of folks when they were sick or down. I'm about to get back in the selling business now that inventory is manageable. I still have way more "things" than I care to carry up the road I'm on which is who the hell knows. I take it one day at a time ^j^

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