Friday, January 24, 2014

thicker than water

That's what they say about blood kin which is not always true. I love my family and all but dammit when somebody stirs something up that could have been avoided? It really makes my BP go up, if you know what I mean. Considering that I'm a 58 year old worn out healthcare worker who no longer plays the martyr very well, we shall see. I'm totally believing that it's a sheep and goat decision at the gate and not mine to make. There's some faithful attitude! We managed to (finally) get the boxed up Christmas stuff onto the attic steps and I guess an earthquake knocked the door open and there went the nativity scene that's been in our family since I was a child. Well, the stable anyway! Gaga's angel now has a broken wing and I think we lost a couple of wise men too. This too shall pass*

My ex-hub and I are kind of on a mission right now which is not unusual since we raised a child and ourselves together. He was generous enough to help a girl out whose financial situation is beyond belief due to bank fees and high interest loans. Two definitely don't live as cheap as one when only one has a job unless it's like a really high paying one, and mine is not. I currently make what plumbers got per hour twenty years ago. The cool thing about being called to a vocation is that even when you're tired of the job itself, there's always a place to look where people need help. I've been watching Nurse Jackie and that cute little student and I see myself in both sides of the drama. Sometimes you just have to be there to understand. Leave room for the spirit to work, so to speak*

I remember talking to my daddy years ago about heaven and hell and all that and he told me that he thinks that we create our own here on earth according to how we treat others. I mean after all God is love right? I have watched my father give more than freely of his time for those less fortunate and most of what he did was based on his faith in works. When he was still driving he would pick up kids on a bus in the 'hoods around Dyersburg to go to camp where they saw something they never imagined...another adult giving total time and attention to them as individuals. Teamwork. He served as a Redcoat volunteer at the sawmill until some genius moved their seats over by the smaller elevator. That's when he turned the coat over to me for return because he would not be treated like that and plus there had been a couple of wheelchair mishaps.

I remember one time mama was doing the ICU volunteer thing and feeling around for a stapler on the high shelf which promptly smacked her in the head and resulted in yet another injury so she retired too. There's this award that is given every year to a volunteer who gets nominated by hospital staff to get the Gaga award for outstanding devotion to working for free just because. Sick people need lots of love, 'ya know? I talked with RW today and he explained the dual approach to addiction. Back in the day there were no high powered drugs like what is readily available from the pill mill doctors. Return visits to these practitioners at a co-pay give a legal gray area to be explored in unraveling the totally complicated thing that is prescription drug abuse. More often than not, the practicing physician is of Arabian lineage and will drop a door in a woman's face in a heartbeat. And for THIS I went to college? I think not ya'll. Keeping the faith here.

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  1. I agree with your Daddy about hell and heaven.

    I have been making the same hourly wages for the last 12 years. It wasn't bad when I started, but nowadays, it is not much more than the minimum allowed. I'd make a stink, but then I'd lose both jobs. There is always someone waiting in the wings to work for less. There's no loyalty with employers anymore, so we have to be careful, right?