Thursday, January 2, 2014

dead batteries and cold hands

This will be brief since we are, once again, propaneless and it's cold as shit up in this office. That hundred gallons of gas went like wildfire at 2.20 a gallon. About a month, and not with very cold temps which are, shall we say, imminent. As I left for work today I was whipped with a windy heavy sort of snow that looks real cool in headlights. The snow was brief and not much ado but the cold has been bone chilling with a strong north wind. My trusty old Camry has done way more than a person should reasonably expect even if she is a Pollyanna. That's why today when the battery died AGAIN at the sawmill I wasn't what you call "surprised" by any means. Lots of women would just tap their toes and hit hubby on speed dial for the big save. Plan B for single women means smoking a cig with another friend while you attempt boost #2 and discussing how bad it sucks to be solid middle class working folks who don't have a chance in this economy. "Who needs a man." sometimes I do because hey...I'm just a girl and I don't know guy stuff. Don't even WANT to. All I can say about this weather is that duck hunters have to be the craziest people on earth.

BG was at the urgent care getting a TB test and ear check so she scooped me up and we finished the daily rounds which included a stop for epizootie meds and deli meat. I noticed this morning that the vent air seemed cold but brushed it off as maybe "not real." When we got home today it was very real and the side porch door off the dining room was standing wide open. A nippy 46 degrees the thermostat read! I quickly called propane guy only to be told this horror story about how he can't even get any because it's being "allocated" to drive the price up during the dead of winter. Now I don't know about ya'll but that sounds like something Jesus wouldn't like. Anywho, he said he was rationing it himself to his many customers wanting to stay warm and maybe or? Maybe not. We shall see but I can tell you this. If there's no heat, I won't be leaving BG's room except to pee. Hey..I might even get me a bedside jug like daddy uses.

BG did orientation for a new job today so there's a positive. Thanks to my friend John she has a car to drive to said job. I can always take a cab to work if need be what with all my extra money just begging to be spent. It's at times like these that I just want to give up and cry like a baby. Sometimes I do, and in a lot of cases that's what it takes to awaken the resolve to begin again. Believing in the impossible when nothing seems the very least reachable. Goal setting. I don't have a clue where I'm going but I feel like this is my year to shine. And shine I will, in spite of every flat tire or other smackdown that life hands me. Because that's what faith is about.


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  1. Sometimes we cry, then we suck it up and keep on trucking because we have no other choice. Love ya girl.