Monday, January 13, 2014

credit where it is due

Once again I find myself grumpy and tired and it's only Monday...meh. And of course it's a rainy gloomy day as well which just screams seasonal affective disorder. I can't really put a finger on why I feel so irritable except that I ran out of happy pills last week and I'm currently getting back to therapeutic level. Add to that the pile of bills in front of me with payday not until Friday and that could be a factor as well. And well, there's my perpetual state of singlehood which is probably a good thing when I'm in this mood 'cuz I'm liable to run some keeper smooth off the property. The key word here I believe is "struggle" which I do on a daily basis just to keep my head above water. Most folks my age are happily snapping pics of their grandkids and enjoying semi-retirement while I'm trudging along just to make a living.

The washer ran non-stop all weekend and we're still not done. Four days without water during a cold snap means LOTS of dirty clothes. It looks better though, and I'm determined that pretty soon my office will be a place where I can not only compute but visit without having to round up a chair. The cutest chair that I own sits beside my desk and has the antique fabric and batting literally gnawed off one arm by baby Ryder two springs ago. Sophie's thing is flip flops and we now have exactly one pair that hasn't been chewed to bits. I used to know how to have entertain myself when my soul needed a boost. Somehow or another I lost that ability during the past year and everything just seems to be a chore with nothing much to look forward to but more of the same. BG told me if I'd quit the artificial sweeteners in diet cola that my aches and pains will be substantially less. It's worth a shot, even though I became a Tab addict at the age of 15.

Ahywho, the cutest baby ever is here so I'll just settle on letting him entertain me with his howls and giggles. Later!

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