Saturday, January 11, 2014

of bridges and rivers

Our top stories today include not only Chris Christie being "shocked and disappointed" not to mention humiliated over the actions of his staffers about which he knew nothing because he was too busy running for president but also the poisoning of a major water supply in West Virginia by some chemical whose properties are, at present, unknown. My question is this....if there isn't a clear MSDS description of said chemical why the hell is it being used???? Every workplace in America is required to have that information readily available for everything that might even be slightly toxic, right down to hand sanitizer and lotion. This is not acceptable. Talk about your infrastructure fuckups! Add this to our bungled responses to several recent natural disasters like Katrina, Sandy and all those wildfires and you've got yourself a country that can't even take care of its' own. As if anybody in the political world cares about that. My biggest disappointment has been that the Democratic party (including our POTUS) has not stepped up to the plate and taken advantage to the worst ratings in history for the GOP to make things better for us. Shame on all ya'll and your mamas too. McConnell Cantor and Boehner can be had if you just make some noise.

Our pump got repaired yesterday after four waterless days so my work is cut out for the weekend what with dishes and laundry and floor mopping and. Yikes! I better get busy. It's much warmer so I'm able to move around and keep warm rather than burn that precious propane. As I was leaving to go pay the loan shark bills I passed a FedEx truck turning onto the lane and thought for a minute it might be BF using that carrier rather than her standard USPS. I reckon it was crazy meds for the guy down the road!

See ya'll when I'm able to see the floors and counters ^j^

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