Monday, October 28, 2013

by hook or by crook

The wasp population in front of my house is having one big last fling on a balmy day before finding hiding places. I'd ask my brother for pest control but he would tell me that's what renters usually do, which I most certainly am. I beg to differ but unless they have a boyfriend they beg random guys for help with heavy stuff like I do. Don't show up unless you're willing to work...just sayin' The paint in the living room aka office is what my daddy and I threw up before we moved in 25 years ago. BG was four and it was a sight to behold! Our lives changed forevermore then.

My brother and his wife lived at the end of the lane for quite some time while building an internet business that paid off. Who would have thought that there's no Mason jars in England??? Dollar stores have them at a rather high price but they are seasonal, no doubt and most especially in the south where that was our traditional way of preserving food. Without chemicals. Etc. But that was then and this is now.

We enjoyed three movies this weekend and I finally got to see my celebrity boyfriend John Cusack be a crazy as hell freak serial killer. Based on a true story it follows the history of what this man did and includes the investigation when one of his victims escaped. I hate hunting and guns and this one made me squirm. I really enjoyed The Interns but then I'd like them saying the alphabet or something! Gotta giggle with those two. There was another one about a little girl that didn't have a family but that was a downer so I've forgotten all about it. Cathy scooped me the other day to visit an honest to goodness fish fry where the guy who's cooking is named "Catfish!" I promise, there will be a picture for you doubters.

The colors are almost peak, blending into each other in that beautiful way that makes us think about the gifts that come with harvest. I sneaked into my mama's bedroom the other day and she was laying there all still with her legs crossed just so under the covers. She rouses slowly and lingers but by then I'm on down the road. It's been a long time since I kissed ANYbody good morning, unless you count the dogs. With theirs included, I'm smothered up with love.


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