Thursday, January 19, 2012

you might be a redneck

I could have slept in today, but the dogs woke me up with the rising sun wanting to bond a little. Well, the boys did. Faith just slept on like a log! Today is hair day so I killed some time until the appointed hour to pick mama up with her fresh do and head for the doc's office for a blood test. The back seat was full of groceries and after I dropped her off at the house, I headed to the gas station up the road to get "a few" beers. There is a dollar general beside it across a heavily traveled two lane with eighteen wheeler traffic. As I slowed down to navigate the turn following two of them, she appeared in my rear view and proceeded to lay on the horn and otherwise cuss me to high heavens. This bitch was MAD!! It was a hooptie car with some guy sitting in the other seat snickering while she ranted and raved in the road. I was kinda sorta stuck with the trucks, so I eased to the right into the parking lot of the DG where said crazy bitch was still pissed and slamming on brakes and whatnot. I've seen days where I would have walked right over to the crack headed ho and say what's on my mind. Today wasn't one of them, by the way. I mean really? There's no hope for stupid, especially in the south.

I'm still in the beginning stages of the project, but it looks like this could be book year on the lane. In the past I've written pages upon pages of stories and emails and saved them all in a box for "the book" but I don't think that's the way it will go. My aching joints are screaming for something new and more user friendly for an old gal. More later and thanks coaches!

I'm in my own little world right now and that is exactly where I need to be at the moment. Everything happens for a reason. Life is hard. Once you accept that simple truth? There's a lot more work to do. Hat tip to Scott Peck...and he thought he could never make a difference.

Holla back...We're headed outside to enjoy the sunshine ^j^

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  1. Well now; can't we all make a difference?
    Blessings to you Miss Janie.