Wednesday, January 18, 2012

all my rowdy friends

Talk about some peace and love ya'll, I'm just rolling in it because I'm off for two days (unless somebody dies or breaks a hip) and I am ready to play. I stopped by Gigi's house to deliver her Christmas present..shushh. Last year it was March before we did that! She was sprawled out in her office in fuzzy leopard print PJs working and welcomed the break to have a couple of beers and catch up. Not much drama on her end but ya'll know how it goes around here sometimes. Sue was right...there's a little black cloud right smack over our heads.

My brother brought sweet feed and apple treats this afternoon so his orneriness will have something decent to eat. He's pretty much grazing every day, watching the golfers and enjoying life. We should all be so blessed. This blackout thing today has really caught on just like OWS did and I hope that Congress is watching and listening to these two or three generations of uncensored web surfing. When the ability to intelligently search the web for the opinions and experiences of others is compromised, there is no freedom at all. We were there about twenty years ago, remember?

The more I hear and experience concerning veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the more I am convinced that PTSD is the cause of ALL our problems, not just theirs. Each and every person, according to their raising, expects life to be a certain way. So many families in this country are fractured now from poverty and crime. Children born into this cycle don't have a freakin' chance unless someone steps up and out and grasp their hands as a mentor. I have never understood the mentality of thinking that if you have to take an antidepressant to keep the old serotonin level even that you're crazy. Life is 24/7 stress on a bad day and pretty constant on a good one. There are years of scientific research backing the successful use of SRUIs to treat mood disorders and they are quite affordable. At the end of my first week, I remember thinking to myself "this is what it's like to feel normal."

That's about it for hump day. I have a date with mama tomorrow and one with old friends for lunch on Friday so there's enough reason to get up and go. Besides, I'll be asleep by ten at the max. With three dogs, as usual.

Such the party animal ^j^

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