Saturday, January 21, 2012

here's your sign

Here's what happens when you get to file your income tax early and are already in the process of dividing up the money by creditor. If you are me, you glance over to where the well organized pile of returns lies to retrieve last year's AGI. Impressed that I didn't have to take the attic apart to find it, I was on cloud nine. Until it got rejected today. And why you may ask? Because the number I entered as my e-sig was for 2009. help dumbass. Now I have to pay them for the filing just to get that magic number. I hate it when that happens.

Today's weather has been one solid gray blanket of chill tucked firmly around the 'burg. I didn't even mind being at work because I knew if I had been home I'd be piddling away time like it was nothing. My bones are aching soooooooo bad for some warm sunshine to heat up the earth and begin crop-o-ganza 2012. What I need, according to Ky cousin is some seed catalogs to drool over. Her father was a big gardener and was into landscape design so he came in handy during their many moves. I remember how they used to walk their yards in the northern part of our county...just a block sunrise with coffee. Just to see what was new in the beds.

I can't freakin' WAIT ^j^

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  1. I've gotten a half dozen seed catalog already this year. AND one poultry catalog. Maybe you need you some chickens Janie!?